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“ Merry X'mas! ”
Tuesday, December 25 |12:12 AM


Merry Berry Christmas everyone! :D

Nah ,don't be as lonely as the little boy there, kekez.
My Christmas wish is to celebrate it with someone special and not my family, lol. Waiting for that day to comeee. Not that I don't want to celebrate with my family, but I need something new. I'm always with my family on Christmas.

This night is lonely, I didn't countdown outside cause family members were too tired to celebrate outside. We came back at 10plus. Shhhheeez. Qing's celebrating with Jinghao, Esther must be sleeping or she's with her church people/family, Sherminh's at home but went for band's Christmas party, Vivien's at home but celebrated Christmas last week. Sighs, I seem to be in my own circle.

I feel lonely when I see couples walking on the streets and shopping malls, yet I'm tagging along with another couple (eh, my mom and uncle blue). I know I've been with them almost for every Christmas/New year countdowns/National Day/any seasonal events, I don't know if they find that I'm extra, but I feel extra. I feel lonely when I see a bunch/clique of friends/girls walking together and laughing along their way, I never get to go out with my besties in the holidays, not even once.

People on the streets are either couples or in cliques, and me? I'm an outcast beside a couple. I don't feel good and I'm tired of being an extra. I'm sick of a bestfriend whose life is all about badminton, she hardly has the time for me. I'm sick of a bestfriend whose life is controlled by their strict parents, I am sick of it. No, I am not sick of you my friend, but I'm just sick of the way my life is running. I know you've been busy and I've been waiting for a time that you're free so we can catch up. But when you're free you either think of your bf or (the worst case is) you're not allowed to go out. I wish I had time to celebrate something with you, but you've found someone special, so I don't think you're gonna think of celebrating with me at all. I'm sick of how biased your mom is, because she allows you to go out with your bf and not me. She's always giving the offer like : Either go out on Sat or Sun! Uh, and you're going to choose your bf, I know and understand that he's more important, grrr, friends are important too~

Probably that's why I don't feel like going out at all, probably that's why I'm lazing at home so much. I hate going to town at festive seasons, really. This year's Christmas just isn't very goood.

There's a Christmas Party tmr at my Aunt's. Since I've disappeared for so long, I ought to go tmr. And yes, if I go I must dress up nicely. :D Painted my nails with 2 different colour and 3 different glitters, heh. It doesn't sound that bad. Pictures tomorrow! (: MERRY X'MAS.