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“ Oh, I saw my dear. ”
Saturday, December 15 |2:34 AM

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Hello everyone.


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Kekexzx, i just learned how to track his footsteps, but he went offline. So this screencap commemorates the first time I saw my dearest online. Pardon the excitement, heh heh.

I heard that Aoquan was online too, but before I found him, he went offline. Didn't even catcha glimpse of him online. He doesn't really reply anyway. Xiao yu's online too, hah hah, 3 of them go online together.

I can't believe I went to the extend to search all 16 pages to find his name, just to realise that he went offline. -.-

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately, don't have the vibe to do so. In case you don't know, I've been in a LOLLIPOP craze.

Watched a few old clips of Wang Zi just now, I didn't know he's so pure. I always thought that pretty boys gain alot of experience in relationships, but it seems like he's not one of them. He had 2 gfs before and only kissed once. Plus, the girl initiated everything. Maybe he's different now? I wouldn't know anyway.

Wang zi, I you.
I wonder how long will my love last for you, I can't say forever because that's not even practical. (;