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Tuesday, December 18 |11:24 PM

Stayed over at wifey's yesterday night.

What meant to be a happy night became a painful night for me. I FELL DOWN FROM THE STAIRS. What a joke isn't it? Lights weren't turned on and I accidentally skipped 2 steps, *KIAK*, I sprained my ankle.

"Did.. did you like fall?" -Qing.
"Uh, yes. Hahahaha" -Me. (I was trying to pretend as if it didn't hurt.)

And what did I receive from her mother who sat on the sofa at the first level?

"Haha, you weren't the first victim. Jinghao (qing's bf) fell down before you. Did you wear socks?" -Qing's mother
"No, hahaha" (again, trying to act brave)

----page break----
After my mom learned about my sprained ankle and her mom's reaction (when he fetched me home), my mom commented "Oh, that time Jinghao fall down she confirm got go and help him one. My poor daughter go there fall down, then she never do anything?! If I were her, I'll bring her daughter to the doctor, because it's sort of my fault for not taking care of her."

That makes so much sense! Her mother didn't show concern at all? She's afterall biased. Previously when Jinghao was injured (not at their house), her mom offered to bring him to the physician and asked him not to worry about the fees because she's gonna pay it for him. What the hell?
----end of page break----

Then I stoned there for 5 minutes because I was in pain and I couldn't walk. I almost teared when I reached the first level. Haha, and I left my feet in the refridgerator for awhile.

So we didn't do much actually. After awhile, my mom called to scold me for 17mins. Yes, about the corrupted PCs and laptops, she said it's all my fault and I posess 'magical fingers' that do all PCs sick. She said she's gonna ban me from all the computers in my house. -.- But she seemed to forget that because I'm here typing this whole lot of chunk. LOL.

Oh yes, I checked on many 56 fans blog(s). Heh, I wanted to see their posts after seeing their idols. Geeez, I kinda regretted for not going there, but not to the extent I feel demoralised or what, lol.

& I just read this fanfic with Ah Ben,Guigui and Wang Zi. Damn hillarious! Ah Ben purposely get close to Guigui to test if Wang Zi really loves Guigui. This is the excerpt. (:

lol, Ah Ben is a gay. Okay, it's all fictional.

My long awaited They Kiss Again aka It started With A Kiss 2 finally screened! I slept at 4AM just to watch this series. Though the late hour, the video has already been viewed 794times! That goes to show how popular it is in other countries except Taiwan (since it's screened in Taiwan) It's a show for the family to see and laugh at. (: Except for the bed scenes, lol!

Allow me to state my views of the drama. The first episode is nice, but I think those who doesn't watch the first series don't get what it means. (is it?) I don't like the way Zhi Shu has been treating Xiang Qin. He's so cold towards her! They're supposed to be on honeymoon! Lol, then Mali (Aisha) and her hubby to be is always following Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin, damn extra la. When Xiang Qin finally has the time to be alone with Zhi Shu, Mali then has a tummy ache. Ohmg, and Zhi Shu scolded Xiang Qin when she didn't want Zhi Shu to touch Mali's stomach. Awwww, poor Xiang Qin. Zhi Shu shouldn't have asked Xiang Qin to buy the medications for Mali, cause Mali was just faking it out. She wanted to be alone with Zhi Shu. -.- Xiang Qin got lost and was brought to the police. Haha, she thought they were gonna harm her! I mean, she doesn't know the man is a police, lol! So Zhi Shu found Xiang Qin and after which they had time together. Finally without Mali's pressence, lol.

But I can't help to wonder why the director of the show failed to capture beautiful moments of XiangQin. She's always looking older/dull/plum in this series whilst the looked glamorous in the other dramas she acted it. Or is it the director purposely made it that way? Hahaha. My mom couldn't believe it when I told her the girl who acted in Love Contract is XiangQin. They looked two worlds apart. Okay, maybe that's because of the age? Let say, Tokyo Juliet. That isn't a far time span apart, is it? lol. She looked skinny/radient/younger in this series. As if they photoshopped and smoothed her face. Hmmm? Somehow she looks haggard and has dark portoins of her face which sinks in. Oh and Yu Shu grew taller! (I think) I can't help to look at him, not because I like him (Duh! His soooo.. not my type), because when he finally grow up and someone else takes his older character... it then tells me "WANG ZI IS APPEARING SOON." I didn't watch this solely because of Wang Zi la, lol. Don't get the wrong idea.

I was shocked when Hady won the Asian Idol. Okay, not because I don't believe he can do it, but helloo? It's like SINGAPORE, one super small country guy won the other XX (how many were there?) countries! hahaha. Finally something to do Singapore some glory. ;D