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Monday, December 24 |2:53 PM

Christmas tommorrow ~ Turkey at Aunt Grace houseee, not very fond though. :/ I dislike relative outings cause I'll bore myself out. Hmm?
Christmas Eve.

It's 11AM now, & I never woke up so early in my November holidays! Shagged because I was watching TKA yesterday night last/this midnight. ;/ I don't like Zhishu's character inside the drama, it reminds me of Wangzi in BSM, lol. And Xiangqin's really very naive, I mean, why must she make a big fuss that Zhishu doesn't have the time and doesn't want to register? I know it's a big time because they're not legally married, but she should have some confidence in herself cause she's the only girl whom Zhishu got attracted to and liked. Zhishu's at fault too la. Nevermind, haha.

I'm watching Dou Niu now. :D I'm gonna get scolded by my mom for using the computer so early when I just woke up. But that's the only way I can make myself awake so early, haha. (I'm typing this while watching Dou Niu, so I'll elaborate more)

Yes! there's so much interaction between Shengxue and Ruohe. Eh, why does Zicong squint his eyes so much in the drama? It doesn't look good on screen, haha. Never did I imagine a guy like Zicong will image so much. By the time Zivong reaches the home, he'll be seeing something he's not supposed to, hehs. OHMG, Hebe expressed her feelings to Mike! ahhhh, I thought she was angry with him, she's so random. Urgh, it's not real, she said she's acting. Btw, why isn't Ruohe going home? Did Shengxue's mom invite him to stay, haha, I can't remember. Anw, i got a feeling that Zicong will turn into a bad man.

I've got alot alot of questions to ask leh.

1) How come shengxue and ruohe held hands when they walked into the room?

2) How come they're back facing back? (Not very common for them, since they're frienemies)

3) How come they're sort of hugging each other to sleep?

They're not even into a relationship yet! It's so ambigousity. (ai mei) Am I using the word the right way? lol.

Pfffst, I am damn hungry now. There's porridge, nasi lemak and meesiam. God, I feel like eating everything downnn~ But i'm going to choose to eat porridge. :D Gonna watch I am Legend later on.

2 days before Christmas

Did some last minute shopping at Marina Square. It was packed with people like us - doing last minute shopping. My mom bought so much presents and in the end my aunt said there's no need for presents, except for the host. (which is herself) Grrrrr, I can use the perfume for my cousin, but I won't be able to use the model toy thing for my male cousin, haha.

Watched alvin and the chipmunks, keke, so cutee nehx. It does show the importance of Christmas and family. :D

Grrrr, and my favourite shaker fries went out of stock, I haven't eaten it once! (when it got re-published?) God, I ate shaker fries twice of my life and yet I love it and yet I didn't try it. I've been thinking of it days and nights and in the end there's no more.

Gah, while transferring some music to my W660i, I saw 5566's new song in my folder "Man You Zhong Guo", and well I couldn't remember how it sounded so I clicked on it.

0_0 It was surprisingly quite catchy (again) and bubbly song. But I can't help thinking that THEY ARE targetting the China market and trying to bootlick. I know they've explained that they are not targetting China, they just want to disperse the promotions. Yes, I get that. I also know (later) that "He Cai Bei Jing" was sung because the Olympics will be held in China next year and it's a grand event because it's the first Olympics in Asia. Yes, I get that too. Would you pleaseee, then explain to me why there is this track named "Man You Zhong Guo"? Give me a valid and reasonable reason or else I choose to believe that they are bootlicking China.

Hahaha, but I still like them though. :D They're vocals are really nice but I dislike the genre(s). Anyway, I can finally hear more of Shaowei's vocals, heh heh. & I think Meng Zhe's voice not that bad what, why is it he doesn't really sing in the group? I can't really hear his voice (except when he does solos), haha. But Shao Wei's is definately easier to recognise even though he isn't the soloist for the song. LOL.