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“ Where's my childhood playground? ”
Monday, December 3 |4:03 PM

Yesterday we decided to hype up alittle so we went to Pasir Ris Park to cycle. In the two recent years, I've always been to ECP to cycle, but because yesterday was kinda busy, we chose Pasir Ris Park as it was nearer to our house and my mom has to go somewhere at Hougang. The usual (meaning in my early Primary school days, 5 years back) busy and crowded park was freakingly quiet. Oh well, it wasn't much a freaked out situation for me because ECP is always quiet during weekdays too, it was normal for me anyway.

So we cycled around. I must say that ECP is much more a comfortable place to cycle than Pasir Ris Park. ECP cycling routes are straight, okay I meant one route, while the routes in Pasir Ris Park are kinda messy, it leads you to many different places, lol. PRP looks so much more errie because of the trees covering you and there's ups and downs. Haha. Okay, we cycled for quite long and were very thristy, so we bought a drink in this shop. The shop looked kinda old and the Uncle and Aunty inside were just lazing around, looking at the quiet road out there. There was not even one customer inside. We bought the drink and my mom randomly asked "Aye, what happened to all the Satay Stalls?" That's when I really knew what happened... The uncle told her "All close already... Last year 6 stalls closed, this year 4 stalls closed, Now all gone already. Even the bicycle shop there also close. Now all this Ang Moh shop lah. Few chicken wing cost 10dollars! Somemore we know them... The 9 year contract finish already what, so the boss close the stall..." I can't believe the place that I used to build sandcastles and eat Satay is now gone. It used to be so damn crowded, just 2 years... and everything changed. Now it's so damn quiet. Haiz haiz.

& since today Uncle B's office has it's opening and they used the BBQ stove thing, we decided to have a small BBQ session later! Very exciting, heh heh.

BARBEQUE. I'm back to update on the BBQ. Yes yes, had mini barbeque session at ECP yesterday with family. We started at a very weird timeslot, 9PM. Very embarassing at first because no one were eating at that time. & we were to only one trying to lit the charcoal. & the charcoal thing lasted for 20mins! I was damn hungry but the fire took so long to exinguish. -.- I ate alot alot alot of sausages and marshmallows. God, i'm never gonna eat marshmallow this soon. The taste irks me out now.

Anyways, I just had a talk with Esther! Finally, after how damn long. Heh heh, we've got a to-do list.. (:

- Go to gym
- Go support Qing for Cheers
- Bake
- Stayover
- Shopping

& for myself
- Swimming
- Cycling
- Camwhore (!)

Hahahaha, I seriously need to go out and chiong. I miss my friends and I miss going out with anyone who's fun to get along with.

*Fanatic alert.*
It says fanatic alert, so I'm gonna talk alot alot about idols here, heh heh.

I'm addicted to Bang Bang Tang againnnn. I don't normally watch Bang Bang Tang but since I was bored and all I decided to click and watch the episode. (It's on top of my Youtube you seee.) Oh wells, then I got alittle addicted.

Then I dreamt of GuiGui and WangZi that night! (okay yesterday) with most probably XiaoXun & XiaoYu. I can't really remember who the other 'couple' was though. Hahaha, GuiGui was talking and playing with WangZi, then she kissed WangZi's nose. WangZi said "That's enough okay..." then suddenly he said "How you expect me to resist you like that!" Ohmgosh, they were damn sweet in my dream. (: But it was all a dream.

Then suddenly I dreamt of my dad trying to act like he cares for me and tried to bring me away or something. WHAT A SPOILER TO THE SWEEEET DREAM. PFFST!

& now my craze for Guigui and Wangzi is back. Awww, I feel like watching BSM again. I don't quite like Wei Lian now, lols. After one episode when all the bbt members said that he doesn't do what he says, lol. But not till the extent to hate or dislike, just nor so prefer him. I was listening to bbt songs and I realised that I don't recognise their voices, lol. It's hard to differenciate in (almost) every song.

I did some researching then realised that they're in the same school & sam class. Saw some pictures then realised that they look quite close, guigui likes to pull wangzi's shirt and everything. So sweeet. They look close even in real life. But I heard that they got scolded by Andy for this scandal. 0_0 It can be a way to boost they're popularity you know, lols.

& then I found out that Guigui's the female lead for Pi Li MIT. (I have no idea what's the English title.) YAYEEE, I am so excited because I never thought that Guigui will be a female lead for any show, especially when her 'opponent' for the vote are celebs such as Hebe, who obviously has more popularity. Well, then she kinda won the vote and got the female lead. Guess who's the male lead? No, it's not Wangzi, sobs, it's someone who kinda looks like Wangzi, yesyesyes, ahbuuuu aka Yalun. Heh heh, even though it's not Wangzi, I'm still quite happy, at least this show MAY boost her popularity. I saw the little synopsis & the poster for the show.. It seems like those kinda show where the characters posess supernatural powers, like The X Family. Which I don't think it's the kind of drama that suits my taste. I see no point of typing this whole chunk, do you? lol. I think they'll make a good couple.

I just read the news from people's blog that 5566's releasing their album and coming to Singapore for Star Awards 2007. Ohmg, it's their 3rd year here for Star Awards... Are they're fans gonna chase them? Is they're album going to sell? I'm sorry for all these negative thoughts, but they don't seem that popular anymore...

Romantic Princess is getting very bland now. -.- Jing's very hardworkingly earning money while Xiao Mai's being a house wife. On the other hand, Cai and Moli's happily shopping all the while. And at this very timing, Emp is cursed down with a serious illness. What a cliche. I am so not anticipating the last episode. I'm bored with Wuzun now, he's face looks so plasticky and muscular that it looks fake. Haha, and he's acting skills are... quite normal. I'm sorry, I do not disike Wuzun but I just kinda don't like the way he acted in RP.

Whereas (I think) Bull Fighting is kinda on its highest point. (: Shengxue finally realises how much Zicong suffered for her after having a little tiff with him because of Ruohe. The flashback of little Zicong protecting little Shengxue was sweeet and kinda heartbreaking. How can he put her safety infront of his, he just held the knife with his bare hands and he bleed. What troubles me is that, the father can be fierce at times and then he can be talking nicely and consoling Zicong after they had a small tiff. Aww, but i still prefer Hebe with Mike. (Duh)
Okay, I just read someone's blog. God I am so pissed with her.

I thought she'll treat me as a friend already. But I guess she didn't? She asked if I wanted to go to Show's concert with her, I replied her okay, and yet she went with her gf (okay, she is not les.) At least tell me that you're not gonna go with me right, or at least call up and say that you're going with her. I am very disppointed once again. I can't believe I get to know things from your blog instead.

I did the poster for your friend, and yet no one mentioned about it. Did you just kept it and not use it? Or did you not tell her that I did it? ): You said you hate posing for cameras, but you took so much photos with them.

Say whatever you want, I am jealous of you and your friends, alright? Anyway, why should I be? I have my bestie. Even though we don't meet up often we have that telepathy. Do you?

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