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Tuesday, December 4 |12:32 AM

Whoomygah whoomygah.

WangZi will be acting as Ah Nuo in They Kiss Again. Okay, I mentioned that in the previous previous entry. I thought he'll be acting as Ah Bu's brother, now I realise that he's acting as the older Ah Nuo. The one where Yu Shu met in the hospital when he had stomach disease (or something)

I don't like the idea of WangZi acting as this sickly boy with illness. Maybe he's cured already or something. He'll be in episode 6 & 23 if I'm not wrong. (; Two pathetic episodes. Anyway, he acts as a baddie (I think). He's(Ah Nuo) gone bad and he kinda stole Yu Shu's gf.

What puzzles me is that... Ah Nuo was a primary school kid in ISWAK and then he turns 17 in TKA. ;/ Huh, so Xiang Qin & Zhi Shu's really old in the show? Hahaha. Yu Shu looks ugly, I rather Wangzi act as Yu Shu because Yu Shu's supposed to be the photocopy of his brother - Handsome, smart and clever. lol? There's kinda a repetition over here, I mean some young girl from F class likes Yu Shu (who is in the A class). Get what I mean? lol. Anws, Wangzi acting as the bad role may not be bad lah, depends on his performance. (: I saw the part where he tried to kiss the girl, haha.

Oh and he has a new hairstyle. I think it suits him and he looks matured with that hairstyle. I think I am in love with him (period) :D

I'm gonna do a Guigui & Aaron poster before anyone. Haha! But it's damn hard to find GuiGui's picture. );

Today damn suay I tell you. We went to ECP to exercising (okay, cycle). I was riding in a damn slow speed cause ECP quite crowded, and I was behind my mom. We cycled for less than 5 mins then I saw my mom fly out of her bicycle because she tried to stop for this Malay family, it was too late, so she flew out. I stopped to check on her. She had minor scratches. We decided to go to the toilet to wash her wound first, but my bike was stuck. I couldn't push the thing up. So we ride back, then my mom decided to walk with the bike and therefore kena scratched by the thing. LOL, best of best is that nothing is wrong with the bike, it's just that we kicked the wrong place. Gawd. We met so much accidents in just 10mins. It wasn't her day so we just went back home cause she couldn't ride anymore. It was painful, I guess.