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Thursday, December 27 |4:19 AM

/*EDIT on 29th December 2007

Meh. I've been uploading songs all day. Geeesh, very proud of myself because I uploaded 3 albums. BBT, F4 and TKA OST. :D Go support okay, thanks. I recommend Track 9 for the above playlist, I know I am no musician nor do I excel in music, but Track 9 is really nice.

BBT's song not bad, reallly. Maybe because I was listening to F4's just now, so there's big contrast. Like my mom listening to F4's songs after listening to Yang Zhong Wei's. I'd say BBT album is better because there are more songs I prefer listening to compared to F4's. I still don't like the way F4 does their album - each member have 2 solos each. And you know not all F4 members sings beautifully, lol? Sorry, but I still like them both. & I cried watching BBT just now, 0_0.

Wasn't made for their anniversary though.

A year ago, on this very day, BBT was created. (is it? I don't know, it's said to be their 1st year). I didn't know it was their first anniversary/year (okay, it sounds weird. Anniversary is like for couples?) till I chanced upon this thread in, lol, it was pure coincidence anyway.

They're releasing their debut album tomorrow, I can't wait to hear the songs, I hope it's good. So far the song I heard "YES" and "Wo Men Zhi Jian" sounds really average, like those average boybands out there who didn't make it big in their career. I'm sorry, but I really felt that the songs were just okay though it's kinda touching when I see them sing Wo Men Zhi Jian. Sighs. And the blur me thought that they're releasing the album today, so I kept checking Imeem if anyone uploaded the songs.

Nevermind, so my long awaited episode of BBT will be up tomorrow! Fyi, I don't really watch BBT, I only watch those I think is nice. Not a very loyal fan indeed, lol.

Oh and it's Vivien's birthday today! Haha, now there's something squeezed up with her date, which is bbt's anniversary, lol.

i tried doing a poster with their pictures, but it was too emo! Hahaha, I really can't do emo pictures, don't know how to start, lol.

& I found out that F4 releasing their album on the 28th also. Heard one of the songs, felt that it wasn't really their style. But I still liked Vaness's voice, the really R&B voice. Hmmm, ABC's have this type of really nice voice, I suppose. Isn't he in the Kangta & Vaness group, I guess his situation is similar to Shao Wei's.

Don't tell me they're out. Because (for me), no F4, no 5566, no Fahrenheit, no BBT. Because if it weren't for them I won't even be listening to Chinese songs right now. I might be listening to ah, let's say Britney Spears, haha. Example, don't take it so seriously, Britney is quite horrible now. I think I'll go for Rihanna. :D

I don't know about the majority, but I feel that they're still hot. They're voice not that perfect though, but they do have nice songs you know, like ermm, the Meteor Garden II theme song, lol! The album's called Waiting for you. What the hell, who chose this title/name? More like the fans waiting for you than you waiting for us, hahah. Anw, Vaness looks really outstanding and exceptionally depressed here. :/ And no, Vaness isn't my favorite here, lol. I know I've been talking about him, but I can't help it, haha. I have no favorite in this group. :D All of them are good for I prefer Vaness and Zaizai alittle bit more.

5566 and Fahrenheit coming next! I realise that all of them are going the really cool style, with reference to the album covers and the pictures I saw, lol?

Best of best, it's 5:07AM now and I'm blogging. I'm supposedly suppose to do my commonwealth essay, which lacks 500 words. Geeeesh. Back to commonwealth againnn.