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Monday, January 14 |5:49 PM

Sunday 21-01-2008
Pffst, my favorite fanfics just ended today. ): But on a brighter note, my another favorite fanfic that ended last week has a Part II, yay, I have some fanfic to munch on later.

Anyway, I've been exercising these few days, feel accomplished. (: Ran 10 rounds around the park and skipped and walked around the park for the weekend, I should keep that up, haha. Exercising for health more than for beauty. Okay, I don't know what I'm typing. But because I spent time exercising, I didn't have time to study. Boo to that. I need to brush up probability and everything else. I don't understand a shit for Physics/Amaths and abit of Emaths.

Shakesphere's book ain't that easy tooo. I rather study on Romeo and Juliet than Mid Summer's Night Dream, ohmg. At least I know alittle bit of Romeo and Juliet, MSND is like.. what? So abstract. The words used and everything is so not modernized, plus it's rated a Comedy. I can't even laugh at a single page! What the hell.

Oh yes, I was doing the codes for Geral jie's skin, then I found the code for my older layout which I lost sometime ago! Very happy, haha. I'll revamp my blog if I got the time. (: Because the codes are screwed up actually, text and everything in wrong place.

Okay, I am very tired, byebye.
Saturday 19-01-2008
Every Saturday has now been alocated for shopping at Far East, haha. I don't know why I'm always going there to shop for new year clothes even though I'm sick of that place. Anyway, I bought this Flinstone shirt and sandals/slippers. (: Very happy with the shirt even though it's like quite tight for me, haha. And I tried alot of skinnys, but didn't manage to get one because I can't bear to part with 40bucks. I have pictures but they're in my handphone and I'm lazy to transfer it, haha. Next time.

I very sad because my fav fanfic's ending today, boooo~ Suddenly all of my fav fanfics are ending, then I'll have not much left to read. ):

And ohmg, this is very random la, Qing said that I looked like Guigui. What the hell, haha. Happy la, but I don't think I look like her, haha. I felt super depressed in class last friday because of a Mango Tea bottle that Sherminh drank. I said the exact same thing as ___ said, then I started reminising about ___, bah, then became super depressed. BISH.

Ohmg, everytime I visit, I'll experience some problem for my interenet connection. Why ah. And ohmg, dadong getting married. I bet all his fans must be damn jealous of that girl, but I'm not jealous, lol. I'm happy, woooo~

Wednesday 16-01-2008

We ran 10 rounds round the track for morning jog, which is more than what we do in Napfa. We were the last class running on the track, haha! That's because we're honest, we ran 10 rounds my dear, the rest of the classes cheated. They're gonna get hell from Cindy Teo next week for morning run. :D

Stayed back for CNY banner today but in the end the cloth was too translucent, so we stayed back for nothing. But heard some personal stories from Mr Lim, haha. We barely knew him for 3 weeks, but he's very very nice, so much nicer than Ms H, he motivates us to study in a way not that stressful, but Ms H's way of motivation is freaking stressful. He's a damn nice teacher! (:

Gossiped alot with Mr Lim, hahah! Gloria damn direct please, she asked Mr Lim if he was a geek, haha! Then gossiped about ahlians, talked about XueQi, then Arielle said "There are *counts* ONE TWO ahlians in our class, eh no, one ahlian and one ahlian wannbe." Then Gloria said "Aye, don't like that~ SUPERSTAR OKAY." Hahaha, because the ahlian wannbe likes Fann wong and wants to be a actress. She can be seen in alot of mags because she joins those competitions, haha.

Then Gloria said that the teachers are very hypocritial, like for example this D&T teacher, let's say, Ms K. She has a bunch of soft toys on her table and she told everyone that no one is to touch it, but Mr L. purposely played it infront of her and the next day she left staple bullets on his chair. What the hell, teachers can be childish too. Gosh. Then there's another one... Mr L. asked Mrs W. "Wanna go Clubbing?" and she replied "I'm married." Haha, teachers have a life too! The champion of all is that Mr L. asks those new relief teachers if they want to go clubbing, wth, now I have this impression that he is a flirt.

Darlie makes me want to watch MFBBT more, tsktsk. There's this period of time when I really wanted Channel 102 from SCV, but I got over it already, then now Darlie tries to pshyo me with mfbbt, grrrr. Oh and she said that channel 49 is gonna be deleted and changed to 102, ohmg, is it true?! Then I can finally watch bbt on tv.

& I'm just typing this because I'm waiting for the Internet connection to be fixed so I can do my Acelearning and after which I'll study for Chinese test tmr. Okay, yay, the connection is back. Gdbye.
Tuesday 15-01-2008

School was boring like hell. Mr L. didn't come for Amaths, Chemistry sucked because Mrs L. talks and explains in a uber slow speed. Tmr will be better, because my geography teacher approximately 4secs per word, wth?

Urgh, I suck in Probability. I can't do 4 out of 5 questions! Shit, I feel as if I'm a disable (in mathematics and studies!) I need to date my subbys for the next 8 months and marry them in October, then I'll divorce them in November, shit. For now, I need to date my subbys.

8 months Subbys, October Hubbys, November Byeee-eees!

Causeway point with mommy. Ate at Ichiban, ohmg. I had Black Pepper Beef Hot Plate, and my mom ordered 3 plates of Sashimi. Gawd, I ate so much Sashimi I felt disgusted by the taste.

Anyone watches Big Brother Returns(Zhong Yi Da Ge Da)? Haha, this is my version of it.
Used Blogger uploader because Imageshack is giving me problems.


Ohmg, I AM IN H E A V E N.

The rice is not bad too.

Stuff everything into your mouth!

The juice oozes out~


Yes, It's yummy!

Actually the food isn't that yummy, haha.

Okay enough of me.

The stupid Shashimi that made me wanna puke, lol. Eh, I was just full la, haha.

Bought hot pink pointy shoes, bras, waxes and nothing else. I don't care if you hate hot pink or what, it's just $19.90! Not alot shoes has that price, almost all are above $20, okay, maybe the 19.90 kinda makes me feel as if it's so much cheaper than $20, lol!

Heard Yes! on 933 again, lol. It's so funny when the DJ read this out "I wanna dedicate this song to my idols, XXX, FLH, BBT (my favourite wangzi!), Cyndi Wang... So I want to dedicate this song... Yes! for Wangzi." Huh? What the hell? Wang Zi is not going to hear this my dear, how many people on Earth does this thing, haha? Unless you're in Taiwan, but I doubt they have the time to listen this dedication, lol. So funnny, she just wrote in to dedicate it to her idols in other countries, lol.

Oh yes, I watched Na Li Pa MV, gosh, it was so sweet and clean(?) Idk, but it's like very pure love, haha. Very random, I know.
Monday 14-01-2008
55 more mins to BBT's Na Li Pa MV Premeire, hahaha. I never countdown such things when I was crazy over 56, maybe cause I could see their MV on wanyu at the very same day only a later time, lol? Haha. But I'm not going to wait for it lah, should go and sleep.

Checked up the diary, and what! O level commences on the 20th of October and ends at the 11th of November. What the hell, it ends at minh's birthday and starts one day after mine. -.- And I thought I could celebrate the National Day with bestie, but it ended up that I have oral the next day. Ohmy, I need timee.

Ke Li Si Ting (Christine I call her) from They Kiss Again is very very cute! I think it's because she's a foreigner, if it's a fellow Taiwanese, I'll find the person damn act cute, ignorant and irritating. It makes a difference if she's a foreigner, haha! She's always hyper and in good mood, very cute. Ah Jin & Xiang Qin or Ah Jin & Christine? Christine of cause, yay. She's so nice to him and yet he kept avoiding her.

So stupid, the ang moh was looking for Christine, yet his English sounds like Xiao Zong, looks like him too. What the hell it is him, hahaha. Anyway, I am so amused by Christine and Ah Jin that I made two gifs. :D While my interet connection played me up, luckily I loaded them earlier.

It's raining and pouring heavily outside, the rain kept splashing in. ):

Okay, I skipped alot of parts for Bull Fighting, especially the Zicong part, sorry but I felt it was boring. Oppps. There's something that I'm confused about, I thought the school had uniform? How come the rest were wearing their own clothes instead.

Ruo He's father got nothing to do is it? All he does is sitting in the car and roam around the cities, stop his son whenever he wants, lol. Ohmg, next episode damn touching and sad! ): Booohooo.

Mayo with cucumber, tomato and tuna rocks, haha.

I shall go do geral jie's skin. :D Bye.

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