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Wednesday, January 9 |11:07 PM

Ohmg, I think I haven't mentioned it here before, but you know what? (okay, you don't) Out of 70% of the time I look at the clock (be it the one on the computer, radio, handphone, car) the time will be 8:28PM. Is this a scenario of Deja Vu? But I feel a sense of familiarity when I see that timing. What's the best of all is that 8:28 means something more meaningful... Renfu's birthday, 28th of August and therefore 828, geeeesh. This feeling is freaky.

Grr, I don't get it why people associate me with Chinese music all the time. No one thought that I'd listen to English songs, why? :/ Really weird people, my mom, friends, classmates. People thinks that my Chinese is good (okay, good meaning better than theirs, not A standard good.) and kept asking me to help them in Chinese compositions, when I say I don't know, they'll be going "Eh, I thought your Chinese very good." And I think the Chinese image people associate me with is because I was majorly crazy over 5566 when I was in Primary 5 & 6, and it was quite an opened secret because my whole 'gang' liked them anyway. And so I got stuck to this Chinese image. Grrrrr, I don't like it you know, I dislike to be associated with Chinese because everyone thinks you're CHEEENA and associates you with this particular country which I don't want to be associated with.

I'm not feeling very well now. (as in physically and mentally) I don't know what's wrong with me now. I shiver occasionally, I feel pain in my ear when occasionally, I can't breathe from my nose, my eyelids feel as if it's 20000kg, my leg muscles ache like hell, I feel super lethargic and I can't concentrate, all I wanna do is to sleep. I'm supposed to study but I don't seem to have the hype for it, that's why I'm typing this. (It makes me awake, kinda)

Argh, I got so many subjects to revise and so little time. I feel the stress nowwwww. I just can't get myself to study. URGH. I get butterflies in my stomach, shit. I am worried, but I don't know why.

Gnah, Saturdays-Mondays plus Thursdays are allocated blogging days. :D Okay, I feel really sleepy. Sighs. I'm going to sleep early today.
The last post was deleted because I see no point typing that whole chunk of little critique/synopsis for the drama. I'm just not used to watching the show ALONE while doing nothing else, my hand feels itchy, I needa type, haha!

Purchases of last week:
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Random shots:
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My mom got new tablet! Not fair.
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First time buying so many books.
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& I don't have money to buy so many exercise books, sooo...
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I made an invention with foolscaps. :D hahaha.

(will update when againn, because it's getting late)

Eh, I have no idea why am I posting these lame pictures. Maybe I just wanted to take a note, haha! I hope I can touch Photoshop soon! On something artistic, not these text and stuff! O levels have been stressing me real hard.

I am sick. (and if you don't know, I don't get sick easily) Sneeze like hell, using up the Earth's supply of tissue knowing how much the trees sacrifised, sucking my breath in even though my nose is blocked, breathing through my mouth which makes my mouth dry. My oh my, I am down with bad flu and sore throat! D: And it was all because I ate KFC with sher yesterday afternoon, yeah, just because of KFC. No, I am not blaming KFC, I should know better than to eat, but rather trying to emphasize how low my immune system is! Just because of two fried parts of a chickens and I'm sick.

Nevertheless, I still went out with mumsie to do some CNY shopping. I wasn't feeling so bad yet (in the afternoon), then I became super lethargic, kept sneezing and tearing in the afternoon. I walk slower than a grandmother pleaseee. I end up with no new purchases except for the makeups - 2 Mascaras and one glitter eye shadow.

Ah yes, the first song I heard when I was at Suntec was Yes! Ohmg, I was damn freaking high because I thought the album wasn't out yet. But I went into MJ only after 7PM, lol. Thought I was cheated because I only saw F4/Fahrenheit's (still no 56), then when I turned to my left I kena shocked because the album was just there! Haha, then the 3 people at the counter were shocked by my shocked expression, lol. But I still didn't buy. After I got home, I heard it on the 933, haha! Damn happy because, as I've mentioned, I never thought they'll be famous in Singapore. Okay, not say famous, at least KNOWN in Singapore.

And I slept for the earliest of 2008 (as yet), 10PM. Woah, haven't slept at that timing since... the first day of school. Nothing much to elaborate about yesterday.


09 Jan 2008

Schoool as per normal. Nothing much interesting to elaborate actually.

I just so love my class. :D We had morning run this morning, and everyone dreads morning run. Gah, Mrs Cyndi Teo's our teacher in charge, die! She's damn super strict pleaseeeee. But it wasn't so bad afterall, not as bad as Miss Althena Soh. (last year) Ohmg, our class best, we ran at brisk walking speed, ohmg, walk also no problem! Because we were supposed to run as a CLASS and be UNITED. So we 'ran' damn slowly, wahseh, the classes on the other lanes passed us 4 times already, we still haven't' finish one round, lol!

I love my class alot now, because of the abolishment of homeroom, we've been more closely together. :D YAY. Know more of my other classmates now. Those two people in front of me are damn funnny! Hahaha. Yesterday we were having a damn boring day, last period was Mr Lim's emaths (form teacher). lol, you see the convo.

Kitru or Gloria: Mr Lim, let us rest awhile can! Super tired day today.
Arielle: And we only had 15mins of break!
Cheryl Cheong(CC): Come Mr Lim, let me tell you today got what lessons!
CC: There's CHINESE . (she emphasized)
Half class: Siannnn.
CC: After that got PHYSICS.
Whole class: *sighs*
CC: Then got geog.
Whole class: *sighs louder*
CC: And you know what Mr lim, now got MATHS!
Whole class: HAIZ.

wah, damn cute my class. Got sound effect one.

Okay, I feel accomplished today because I did Chem and Amaths! :D Hahaha, and I just found out there's BBT and HSHMM on Kang Xi! (not too late though) heheh, I should go and watch it later. :D YAY. Uh, it isn't on cable tv today, I think it's tmr. Haha, nevermind.

Read fanfics and saw guigui's sexy dance on the ping bi. Ohmg, I thought she's those kind of girl who dare to do everything! But after hearing the comments, it seems like she isn't. :/ Haha, I don't know. Okay, this part damn random. And I watched like 5mins of MFBBT on Shaohan, haha, I think she abit out of tune at one part, but it was okay. :D Hahah.

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