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Sunday, January 13 |3:50 PM

Random thoughts of the week:
  • I support BBT by reading fanfics and doing graphics, unlike 56, I buy alot of merchandises and books (that they have), and of cos do alot of graphics, lol.

  • My house has nothing but the most Laptops, 5 laptops and 2 desktops. Don't know got so many for what also, haha.

    :D Because it seems so real and idk what, just read it.

    Checked some of the music charts, and guess what, Fahrenheit topped all the charts that I found on the net. What the hell. 5566 is estimately (because charts differ) the 2nd and 3rd. Ah, these two band seem to get the "expected" rank in the charts. But what baffled me was BBT's ranks in various charts. They were ranked the 4th in Five Music but they weren't even ranked in MTV charts. & there was one chart where they ranked after Top 10 (if I didn't remember wrongly). Their ranks are jumping everywhere, haha? I'm gonna talk about MTV later on. Sighs.

    I'm getting a tad bit of irritated by fahrenheit. The people around me who doesn't like idols suddenly go crazy over Fahrenheit, those who liked 5566 went to Fahrenheit. This situation is getting really irritating because I have to entertain such people, if I were to say that "They can't sing for goodness sake.", I'll lose friends because they'll hate me for commenting that way and will also lose a topic to talk. That's alittle exaggerated, but they'll at least repond "AYE, SHIQI! HOW COME YOU LIKE THAT ONE! EEYER" then walks away. I don't like it, because it makes me feel as if FLH stole away the fans from 5566, and my whole school (okay, friends around me) talks about FLH, even my bestfriend goes gaga over them. I don't deny I was once like that too. But aiyah, the whole FLH thing in my school is really irritating me out. I don't know how to put it in words, but don't be mistaken, I do like Fahrenheit.

    It's the same logic as Rain and Bae Yoong Jun. You see too much of them and you get irritated.

    Oh yes, I said I'm gonna talk about MTV yes? Haha, I have been watching much of MTV recently just to catch some 5566/BBT (Ah, don't need to talk about FLH. See their MV everyday on MTV please) Then I just read some threads from, there's this one that says MTV deliberately doesn't show BBT in the charts because there's competitors. What the hell? No wonder I don't see them in MTV. Gah, so sad. I don't really get to see BBT on my television because they're under EMI and goes to Yu Bai more often than Wanyu, neither I'll see them on MTV. But I saw their ads on MTV before, so contradicting. MTV = Music Television, isn't it supposed to show Music Videos of any singers? They shouldn't be biased to people of Channel [V] just because of their personal affairs, that's unfair. I haven't seem 5566 MVs on MTV too, either Warner doesn't promote the album or that MTV doesn't want to show it. I don't know but I'm sure that they took BBT off their charts, gah!

    Anyway, listened to 933FM and 1003FM in the morning. He Cai's ranked 8 in 1003FM, idk the other ranks because I didn't hear the rest. He Cai is ranked 6 in 933FM.
    Yes ! is ranked 9 in 933FM. I don't know about flh, but they're definately not the first for 933FM because Tanya was. :D haha. Finally.

    & I heard on the radio that either Renfu or Xiezhi(didn't hear properly) will have wai yu (eh, as in they'll have another relationship with another girl? ;/) What the hell la, anyhow curse them for what. Haha. :D
    GAH, I don't have the momentum to study now. I need some motivational talk, please? I have to type out excuse letter for my absence for CCA fair, urgh. I won't be typing here if I'm studying, gah, I need motivation! O levels are coming up in about 10months time, and I have only 8months or so to study because there's prelims! Ohmg. I don't even know why I'm so stressed out when it's merely the 3rd week of 2008, my mom's not even stressing me.

    Anyhoos, went CNY shopping with my mom again. I wore my CNY clothes, lol! I needed to see what I needed, like accesories, haha. Suddenly I feel that my jumper sucks, tsk. But I still have to wear it, no choice. Town is freaking flooded with people, the sight of the crowd irks me out. & the air is so polluted my cough/flu got worse, pfffst. Saw Edna at Fareast while I was eating sausage, gah, didn't exepect her to recognise me because I was in contacts, had makeup and wasn't wearing what she expected me to wear (I think alot people expects me to wear tees and jeans outside school.) Okay, and I saw Harlene at Wisma too. I didn't expect her to recognise me too, yeah.

    Gah, Bestie went to Fareast and Wisma too! Didn't bump into her, sheeze. No fate uh, haha. We're always in the same place but we don't bump into each other! lol.

    I'm very into Western music recently, opppps. Idk why, but I just listen to English music because I get bored with my 56, bbt and flh. To be honest, I haven't really listened to F4's album, it doesn't attract me. And I think I'm very obsessed with bbt now. Things that teachers say in school reminds me of them, lol. Like for example: Mrs Tan talked about Chinese compo, and she said "你们不能写童话故事啊。像王子与公主之类的。" Tsktsk! Then Mr Lim talked about Lollipops during Live lesson. Either that I think too much or that they are just appearing in my live too much, hahaha.

    Ohmg, have I mentioned I used to be such a bloody girl with no confidence with my dressing at all. I thought I was fat, ugly and had scars all over my body (eczema) so I didn't dare to wear the clothes I wanted to. I was what the typical heart lander you see, t shirt plus OP berms, I even wear that to town! How awful. And two years ago, I wore beggy jeans plus a shirt to a wedding dinner! I regretted that now.

    But I saw too many fatsos who dressed themselves up in miniskirts and nice clothes, that inspired me to dress myself up. :D Haha, oh my dear, I changed so much. You must be thinking why I'm typing this, idk too. But I my old self in some of my friends, haha. So yeah, just dress yourself up, heck care all the other people outside because you know there are other fatsos who dress themselves up better than you! haha. No one is ever fat because there are people fatter. I sound so targeting, lol.

    Purchases yesterday:

    Random pictures:

    Crumpled Tee from weeks ago.

    Why I look emo.

    I am NOT.

    HAHAHA, I look retarded in all the pictures.


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