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Monday, February 4 |11:17 PM

fyi: Vivien is my friend and she won't read this whole chunk, I'm just writing this for pure pleasure. :D

I am the sifu of this very incredible person who claims that she's a ZUI XING ZU. First she likes 5566, then she likes Flh, now she likes bbt and is in the midst of choosing bbt or flh. She dislikes 5566 now because she claims that it was my fault that she liked flh, now it's my fault that she likes bbt. -.- tsktsk, sifu here says it's bad to like anyone you see, at least love your ex-es.

I've been wrongly accused of injecting too much of Wangzi into vivien's mind that now she's crazy over him. She's been telling her friends that it's my fault that she likes Wangzi. -.- Which is, of course, inaccurate. I did not inject/brainwash/psycho her about Wangzi in the first place. Where on earth did she get the wrong information? Haha. Surprisingly, I did not psycho her even though there was this period of time that I infatuating over him.

It all started with a melody of Yes! that she hummed... I filled in the lyrics, she caught it and sang it the whole day. Then she asked me for the song at night, the next day she was humming the same tune, so I told her about the "HA!" action that Weilian did, (refer to the video below) and it shockingly got her very high. (& ohmg, as I'm typing this Yes! suddenly showed on tv) So we continously sang the song for the whole week, it made us high, really.

Look at 03:15, lol!

So I asked her "Eh, I thought you didn't like bbt? How come you so high over yes?" And she replied No la, just that I find it very high, hahaha. Few days later, she msged me "Do you have Hei Tang Xiu?", out of curiousity, I asked "Thought you don't like?" Then she said "Find it very nice. I link link link from Yes! then got to the Hei Tang Xiu. I barely heard it for 2mins. I think I going to watch Brown Sugar Macchiato What the hell, I am shocked my dear.

A year ago I was telling you that Brown Sugar Macchiato is nice, you replied me "EEEEYER, I HATE BBT." and now you're crazy over it. Ironic isn't it? Anyway, so she was not that crazy over Wangzi yet, just that she found him shuai and cute. After watching an episode of Brown Sugar Macchiato, she came to tell me Wangzi damn shuai.

After a day and watching of apparently only one episode.

She flooded my inbox with... this.

viv: I don't know why but i suddenly want to tell you this. WO AI WANGZI (i love wangzi)
-my reply, which I'm too lazy to read it-
viv:Eh. I straightened out my thoughts just now. I will not like bbt. Only maz two members. Flh still first priority. I hope I can do that. Ha ha.
shiqi: I hope so too. Jiayou in achieving your target.
shiqi: -.- I think you have problem achieving your target.
viv: Whose fault?
shiqi: obviously not mine, how many times do you want me to tell you? I did not psycho you.
viv: Unfortunately its yours. I wanna see wangzi. I need the computer now. I don't see him I will die.

Hahaha, she's infatuating my god. Vivien's gonna die of lust.

This morning, she was superbly depressed over the fact "FLH or BBT". Seee, she didn't acheive her aim - flh to be priority. Just one day, and she's depressed over two bands. She's already at the stage she says "MY WANGZI" at the stage she sees wangzi through the damn small 10 x 10 cm screen on scv because she doesn't have Channel [v], ohmg, vivien you the best, see one band like one band. tsktsk, don't know how to like all ah, hahaha.

And just this afternoon she said this to me "Qi! I tell you a secret!", I was expecting her to say I love wangzi, but she said "I switched on my handphone during english!" -.- "to see wangzi!" You have to know that she doesn't on her handphone in class at all, so this is rare. I can't believe that she's crazy to this extent.

& now when I've decided not to think of wangzi, she came psychoing me about him. tsktsk, so I'm now crazy over wangzi too. heh heh. Now vivien sees Wangzi almost everywhere, even in class. Prince (tennis racket bag) reminds her of wangzi, lol. She daydreams of wangzi until she blushes, worst than me.

Vivien, are you jealous? I've got Channel [v] now, haha. Neh neh ni pu pu~ I can watch from the bigger screen, instead of that 10 x 10cm square box. :D And you can be your Mrs Wang (dadong), I don't want to be Mrs Wang la, I be Mrs Qiu can already. I like him earlier than you okay. I still wanna be Mrs Wang (renfu) and Mrs Wang (zi), but Mrs Qiu better than Mrs Wang(zi)? :/ hahah.

Sherminh told me wangzi watches R rated shows now, okay, in short, porn. OHMG, I know how you felt when you know ahbu and dong not virgin anymore, I totally understand how you feel now. Wangzi watches R(A), how? I remembered telling Qing ... "Aye, wangzi more dan chun than you leh." hahaha, it doesn't apply it today anymore. Boooo~

lol, I still didn't have the chance to really sit down to enjoy digital cable (i changed it last friday), yet alone watching channel [v], viv told me that channel [v] kept showing bbt mv till she addicted to it, lol. Ah well, I said in disbelieve "GOT MEH!" Now I get what she meant, I sat down and watched tv for 3 hours and I saw bbt mv 3 times! lol. Okay, I just realised that the whole thing was about bbt, and it played their mvs for the whole 1 hour, exaggerating seh.

By the way, new layout coming soon! Hope to rush out before CNY.