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“ Naughty Naughty Edison. ”
Friday, February 22 |9:16 PM

Let me talk about something that has been the hot topic since the start of cnys. Heh heh. I have to do this because I can't stand not saying anything at all when there's something big going out there. I sound as if I'm trying to justify something, haha, I am not. Just trying to state my views.

Most of you should know about the Edison scandal, yes? If you don't you're a kukoooo, it has been on the headlines for almost a month and you don't know? You're not a good kid because you're not reading the newspapers regularly.

Edison's nude photos with several female celebrities have been circulated around the internet. I believe it was a video but the person who circulated it around screencapped it into pictures. It was taken while having sexual union with some female celebrities or idk how or why that some female celebs are willing to pose such pictures for him. :/ Okay, I am not going to describe what happened.

I felt sorry for those female celebtities, especially Gillian. Poooof, there goes her girl-next-door image is now tarnished by those photos. Zhang Bo Zhi's marriage is also now affected because these pictures. Tsktsk.

& Edison's carreer is just nice on the right path, and then this thing happens. Sighs, I heard that he just acted a small role in Bat Man, everything so smooth... I think it's a pity and that it's normal for a guy in this 'era' to do this, what makes him so special is that he is a celebrity. A normal guy doing this will not be penalised for anything but then he was mocked and critisized from the media and might have lost alot of fans due to this. Seriously I find it okay, he don't need to quit the entertainment circle at all.

I know he is at fault for pocessing such photos in his laptop/computer/whatsoever, but hey, he is a normal man and I think it is no surprise he has this, just that he is (is it?) the photographer for the pictures. And that made it even worst because he is a celebrity.

They just did what normal people will do, just because they are celebrities, they have to pay a higher price.

But I have to admit la, if you know you're a celebrity then jolly well don't take such photos/videos of yourself. If you don't want anyone to see, why take it? You're just making trouble for yourselves.

I admire Gillian's effort for being the first person to admit/apologize publicly in the media. Look at Edison, he took so long to apologize. Plus, he is a guy. Don't tell me he has more to lose compared to the girls. He should pluck out the courage and apologize earlier. & hello, why did those girls actually allow him to take such videos/photos.

Anyway, everyone has a past right. Just because they're public figures, they have to pay a higher price. That is unfair actually. What do you think happened to those people whose nude tapes are being circulated around but aren't celebs? Nothing really happens to them compared to the celebrities.

Okay, I am just sitting on the fence and I don't have much agressive comment on this whole expoilt.