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Tuesday, February 19 |10:05 PM

Post exam reflection.

I think:
1. Addmaths is a guaranteed fail.
2. Emaths is moderately fine.
3. Border line pass for combined science.
4. Social studies and geography's much better than addmaths. (shocking?)
5. I need Mr Cheung! ):

Addmaths paper is killerrrrr. Two pages filled with inked questions, left all the questions on the last page blank, only knew how to do one question on the first page, which cost 10marks out of 50. My aim which supposedly was 35 is now 10. I just hope I don't fail too badly and I have method marks.

All the pimple breakout/loss of hair was for nothing...

This is the last paper I'm going to take in class for the year of 2008. My motivation drive isn't working on me anymore, I need more motivational talks.

I seriously need Mr Cheung! I remembered scoring A1s for maths last year until I changed tuition (to Mr Chew Jing Ming) and got a B4, then a C5 and then C6. Which in short, deproved tremendously. Sighs, I wished I didn't quit his tuition. I was doing so well there (except that I failed emaths, lol). Even if I wasn't doing so well for emaths, at least I can buck up there, but now that my emaths is fine, it's hard to improve amaths. It take double the time to understand amaths. ): I don't know why my mom and I were so rash and followed tanqing in quiting tuition, I regretted it. And I'm still very pissed over this whole thing.

Nevermind, I am still working very very very hard for my amaths (and all other subjects) I can do textbook questions but I just can't do quiz/cts. I hope I can get my A1s for my O levels.

I'm not very in the mood to do type a proper entry because I know I did badly for amaths. ): I still have qing's birthday and church service entry which I haven't typed out yet.