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“ self note ”
Sunday, February 10 |10:48 PM

I should put everything away and start revising since my cts commences on 14th February. Yes, on valentine's day. Even though I don't have a valentine, it's still not very nice to hold common test right after cny and on v'day because no one will be revising for their work.

There's alot alot for me to revise and I haven't slept well this cny. Partly because I was reading too much of fan fictions which caught me sleeping 4am in the morning & waking up at 11am to prepare myself for visiting. It sounds as if I do alot of visiting eh? But I didn't, haha, I only visited 1 relative and my grandmother. That's all.

So, I doubt I can achieve my aim, which is, to stop using the computer/reading fanfics/youtubing because tomorrow's Monday. Monday is a busy day because I come home late and I have to watch my dramas. Tomorrow is a special Monday because my mother's colleague are coming to my house to gamble.

Sighs, I am still very pissed by the fact that they're coming on a Monday, because initially it was supposed to be a Sunday. Why? Because I will be coming back from school. Which means I will look very ugly with pinned up fringe, sweaty body, long pinafore. That doesn't give me a chance to justify my beauty (okay, I am not.) Everytime I see my mom's colleague, I'll be either be in glasses or dressed casually (I mean really casual). I thought this was the chance for me to justify myself, that I am not the girl-next-door, but no, I was wrong. It was changed to Monday.

The best part is that my mom's colleague ain't Uncles or Aunties. They're aged 18-30, kill me babeh. They are young and I think image is very very very important. But I'm just gonna heck care for now.

Gonna go sleep already.