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Friday, February 22 |7:04 PM

Cheered up for bestie's badminton team for two days. Tuesday the B div was against St Anthony Cannosians', yesterday they were against Anglican High School (AHS).

On wednesday C div went to AHS for their match, nasty things happened and everything became ugly. It all started when AHS coach side coached them, Mr Kim wasn't very happy abou the fact so he shouted across "No sidecoaching please". AHS coach got very unhappy and some china woman from their school scolded their Mr Kim "Shen Jing Bing" (crazy) two times. In the end we still won 3-2, them (coach/male students) being not so sportmanship scolded vulgarities, jeered & their bald coach scolded Mr Lim because we won.

They even claimed that they want to lodge a complain because they lost. Wow, losers.

Just yesterday, the B division badminton match was held in our homegrounds. We rocked the house Seniors came back to support and cheered, the crowd was doubled (compared to the SAC match on tuesday), because apparently majority of the population in school heard about the conflict they had in AHS the previous day.

It's really great to see the unity of the seniors. :D Just because one heard that Mr Lim got bullied, that one sent messages to the other people and they all turned up to support PLBT. And it's not only 3-4seniors who appeared, it was 20 over seniors, of which most were not in the badminton team. It's really a heartwarming scene to see them hype up the whole hall and cheered the b div.

Ruiyi's very funny. Mr Lim asked if she wanted the mic so that she could cheer louder... Then she said "No, Mr Lim! If there's mic then I have to go *talks softly* go PL~, I can't like *shouts* GO PL~" lol lol lol. Anyway, our bdiv girls won and trashed AHS 5-0! We're now in the semi-finals, keke.

And I guess the everyone already learned that Singapore won the bid to hold the first Youth Olmypics. I was shocked over the news, at the same time I was overjoyed. How could this small little dot win a country like Moscow(honestly speaking, where is Moscow?)? I am proud that our little country has made it big, since we won't have the opportunity to hold Olympics, it's not bad to hold the FIRST Youth Olympics either.

I know my post are very boring okay, I think I am going to blog about Edison Chen. (: Hahaha.