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“ Town out ”
Wednesday, March 12 |11:56 PM

I feel so good going out with Esther today. We're finally catching up and getting back the momentum! SMILEY FACE Joanne was supposed to come along but she had something on, so she didn't come. I was late for our date today, I don't usually end up late okay, haha.

We caught the movie SKY OF LOVE at cineleisure today. Hiro inside is so damn cute please! But he died because he had cancer, oh-so-cliche. I prefer romance movie but I have no idea why but I'm not an emotional person. I don't cry watching movies, my tears just take too long to react. Everytime I get emotional and tears start accumulating in my eyes, either something happens or my tears gets sucked back into my eyeballs. It's so funny today because when I was going to cry, I hear alot of people taking out their tissues and go *blow their nose*, it was so hillarious my tears got sucked back.

Esther cried poo poo. Haha, her eyes and nose are all red! Gosh, it makes me feel as if I'm some cold blooded person. The main event of today was (what?) replying Zong Xing's message. I was totally avoiding his offer to watch The First Rule and Horton. All kinds of reason la, "out with friend", "project", "mother don't allow cause I already at home" kinda thing. I guessed he sensed it because he asked if he was irritating. I freaked out at every vibration in my bag please! haha.

We shopped around at taka and wisma and fareast. Helped each other to choose clothes in Zara and Forever 21 and some other tai tai shops which we couldn't even afford! haha, like for fun. We took weird clothes, haha.

Ate at pepper lunch! I had Salmon blahblahblah. I think I saw Ivian from 5566jstar. Okay, I did saw her.

I bought a superman t-shirt! Esther bought batman!

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