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“ Be a Kampong girl day. ”
Saturday, March 8 |11:02 PM

Had fellowship at Pulau Ubin today. Main activity was cycling of cos.

Reached White Sands and ate Burger King with Esther for breakfast, waited for Desmond and Samantha for about 30mins. And took the cab down because we did't know how to get there by bus and because we were already late. Met up with the youths,chinese youths and the young adults at the jetty and left to Pulau Ubin.

We cycled and played touch rugby, cycled back to the jetty area for lunch (chilli crab!). Then we're supposed to cycle to some place, but it ended up that it was locked so we had to go this super adventurous journey. Up the hills and down the seas(i mean it okay!) with our bikes. Damn jialat because there were branches/mosquitoes/sandfiles everywhere, and it was super hard to cycle so we had to push our bikes. Super tiring but adventuous. (: We did so much and guess where we ended up? WHERE WE STARTED! What the hell, all of that was for nothing...

ADAH ADAH ADAH. (I don't want to type the details because I'm totally shagged and I'm supposed to go out later for a movie.)

We cycled again for the place that we're supposed to go from another side. There's lots of up slopes which I obviously dislike. Oh, on the way up Esther's bike broke. She exchanged with Jasmin, then Jasmin went back to the centre.

Carried on with our journey and ended up here:

We decided to climb up. Ignoring the sign "Maximum 20 people". There were like 40plus on top already, lol.

It's quite high you know.

It was really nice from the top. But because I left my bag down at the first level, I didn't took any pictures. Jasmine has them, but I forgot to ask her to send me. ):

After that we went to Chek Jawa to view the scenery. It's really nice there, something you won't see in Singapore. (Like duh)

But it was nice.

yay, my legs look skinnier here.

"Is this part of Singapore?"
"-.- did we use our passports?!"

"Wei Yang, you sure the rest of us are following you?!"
*looks at the back and realise there's no one except the 6 of us.


I love the boat journey back because all of us
(in the boat) stood at back which was super windy. Haha, like Titanic seh.

Took the MRT back with Esther and Desmond, while the rest head to Deborah's house. We all ran to the MRT and managed to get in, but Desmond was left behind. Esther didn't have his number, and obviously I didn't. We felt guilty for not waiting for him, so we came down the next stop. Went in and searched the whole MRT for him. I think the cisco guards think we're mad.

"Is he like the end of the train kinda person?" lol, damn funny. We walked to the end and to the head. It was fun though. We thought he wasn't in the train because we couldn't recognise him (he wore a cap) then I spotted this flowery pants then found out it was him, haha.

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