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Sunday, March 2 |11:29 PM

Guess where shiqi have been exactly a month ago (2/2/2008) and today? Not shopping, not to the cinemas. Shocked anot, I went to church. A month ago, I went to City Church (If I didn't remember wrongly) and today I went to City Harvest Church.

Esther invited me to her church a month ago. I was just hoping to experience Christiany/Jesus/God. Okay, I know I am exposed to Christiany since 6 years old when I was enrolled to a misson school, but I've never really been to a Church service. I went to christian school since 3? Haha, if my kindergarten's counted, that is. Ever been to friend's church at Primary 4 for some special movie screening. Gah, so I haven't been to a Church service until I was 16 even though I went through boring chapels in school. Is that counted as service? Haha.

Let's talk about today first. After much persuasion from Nicholas, my mother finally decided to go to Church to look for a tuition teacher, I tagged along. Ohmg, I can't believe that the whole church congregation is so big that their service is held at the expo. And then F.I.R came, alright Faye and Real came, the I didn't come. I couldn't see clearly because I was wearing contacts.

Two weeks ago I went to Esther's church. Quite fun luh, similar to chc just that it isn't in a big scale. And I wasn't with a bunch of adults (that day), because it was the youth ministry. I think I went to the normal church thing (no targetted age group. What's the term for it?) today, because I saw people ranging from kids of 8years old to old auntys and uncles. So anyway, something really strange happened that day. During youth ministry, this woman (I didn't know who, I suppose it's some in charge for the adults church thing) came down and asked for everyone to go up (to the adult service) because *insert name* is manefesting.

For a moment, I didn't know what was manefesting until Esther explained to me. Like some kind of spirit attack the body and the person will start rolling on the floor and everything. The older ones went up to pray with them while we sang some songs, then another woman who just went through the manefesting process came down and told us she was one of the victim... She hoped that everyone could go up to "pray as a church to fight away the evil spirit" (gosh, I could remember that phrase vivdly), well, the I/C didn't want us to go up so we just sanged and pray in the basement without knowing what the hell is going on upstairs except that someone is manefesting.

Scary I tell you, because I seem to be the only one who isn't a Christian over there, and I was so out of the situation. I didn't know what I was supposed to do when they all prayed in unison, at that point I thought the spirit would attack me because I'm not a Christian. I don't know how was I to react if anything happened to me. But I still prayed (I pray to God whenever I need help anyway) with them. Anyway, the whole point is that, no one was hurt (so far), and that is good.

Gosh, there are several incidents I felt that God was really really exist. Like, Esther lost her wallet/handphone, Bena and Esther said a word of prayer, then the next bus we checked, we found the phone. There's once I felt so helpless and everything, I needed something (i wouldn't say what), I prayed and it came true. Little things in life that I prayed and wished for, did became reality.

I don't know if I really believe in God, but to a certain extent, I do. At least I'm not sitting on the fence, I am more or less in between the scale of being a FREE THINKER and a CHRISTIAN. The thought of being a Christian never really did came to my mind until a month ago, when I was exposed to Church service. I never really wanted to accepted Christ(or any other religon) so badly, because I'm satisfied with my current status, free thinker. But there were times I felt that life was meaningless. And I remember my religious emphasis week teacher for the year of 2007, Mrs Tay, said that she felt life was meaningless(too!) after completing her University, she didn't know what she was living for until she accepted Christ.

Maybe I'm going to end up like her one day. Let's put it in a way, I have already felt the way she felt. That feeling isn't that prominent now, but I'm sure it'll return one fine day. So I'm still thinking if I should join Church. You see, after I leave my Secondary School, things such as chapel and morning devotions will slowly fade away. I will not be exposed to any of such in the years to come.

I don't know why but I feel that I am slowly exposed to Chritiany this year. People kept asking me if I wanted to go to Church. And then in the process of searching for a tuition teacher, I had to go to Church. (long story) Then now because I went to CHC, someone caught hold of my number and kept messaging me about church. It feels as if once you go to Chruch, you'll slowly get to know the place and you'll end up a Chirstian.

Gah, I am in dillema.

You'll only know what I mean if you are from my school.

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