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“ Happy birthday!(: ”
Sunday, March 30 |1:20 AM

Happy birthday momsie!

I guess this is one of the best birthday celebration (for my mom) ever held. Well, I got my presents up way before hand. No last minutes this year!

We dined at Paris, Marina Square. The food is generally okay, I'm not quite a big eater nowadays. So the buffet money actually sort of came to a waste, booo. What's memorable was the Oyster (is it oyster?). Haha, it's my first time eating oyster, I was so scared because it looked so freaky, jellish kinda thing. It took great courage to gulp the thing down, but it was fine.

The sushi over there isn't really fabulous though, I was expecting better. I ate so little, I didn't even try the chilli crabs! What a waste.

Happy birthday momsie.


Highly photoshop I suppose.

stupid face of mine.

I look tired.


Plus chocolate!

Happy Birthday mom.

Savanged for wedding rings with them after dinner. (I know I'm extra) Awhile later, we went over to Singapore Flyer to take the ferris wheel. We were put into this cabin with another couple and a few old people

I think what made the celebration great was the camwhoring session rather than the food (i didn't say it was nice) and the ferris wheel (which I thought was boring) .

My hair looks horrendous.

I like this photo, that is, if my mom isn't in the picture! Spoiler leh she!

(: Tickets

I didn't know my hair was that curly.

Wah, my mother's bollywood actress ah.

Hehe, so candid.

(sorry, it's all me I know)

Okay! So I reached home at 11pm, touched up on Holocaust project, chatted with zongxing, slept at 2:30AM. yada, life has been like that for a while. That's why I haven't been blogging.

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