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“ a little late ”
Saturday, March 1 |2:19 PM

A little late

Love you!

Excuse the late entry for qing's birthday. I was really busy with schoolwork so I couldn't take some time out to blog about it. Her birthday was (wow) 1 month ago, the 3rd of Feb. It was also coincidentally the day 5566 came to Singapore for promotions. As a very good friend, I had to forgo my idol. I went for her birthday party which started at 1PM instead. Can't really remember the details for that day though.

Esther came over to my house in the morning and got ourselves ready, set off to Cineleisure at 12noon. It's really funny how much memories I had at Cine the past year, almost all of the birthday parties were set there. Let's seee, Jinghao's birthday, my birthday, Uncle B's birthday and it was the place I met Masa. Met up with the twosome at Kbox, ah well, we couldn't get into K Pool because we were underaged. So we had lunch at the Kopitiam instead then went to Kbox.

We sang, like duh, what else can you do in Kbox? Haha. Sherminh joined us for an hour or so and went off for gig. We had dinner and chilled at HMV, said goodbye to the people and went home.

I don't have alot of pictures, and I lost the picture Esther sent me. ): All these are candid.

Self made cards and presents. (which aren't self made)

Haha you two unglam people.

Hello lovely.

Random: I have new tuition later, I'm nervous.