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“ Misconception analysis ”
Friday, March 14 |10:07 PM

new added points on the 17 March 2008

I am bored that I am typing this.

  • shiqi is a quiet girl [yes/NO]
I don't know how & why but I give people this impression that I am quiet and introvet. Prolly because of my looks or that I just don't speak out when I first see people. (?) I'm not those people who will initiate the talking, but I can be crazy with my close friends.

  • shiqi wears t-shirt and bermudas to town [yes/NO]
No I don't. I totally despise people whom wear t-shirt and bermudas to town! That is called underdress people. Gosh, people have this impression that I only wear t-shirt and bermudas and that I don't own any nice clothes. I have my own fashion sense, thanks.

  • shiqi is cheeeeeena [yes/NO]
Oh my god. My primary school 5566 fan image has been sticking to me since.... 5 years ago. And everytime when chin & gang does not know her chinese work she'll go "aye, shiqi.. your chinese very good one right?" I'm so sorry, I've disappointed you. I failed my chinese and that I don't even know how to write lazy in chinese. I like 5566 doesn't mean I'm cheena and that I like chinese. (although there is a link there)

  • shiqi listens to chinese songs only [yes/NO]
No, I listen to english songs, japanese songs, korean songs and even indian and malay songs, alright! Somehow when you're a fan of a Chinese band you'll be labelled cheena and YOU ARE NOT TO LISTEN TO ENGLISH SONGS. Go and die la all of you. I listen to 98.7FM everyday.

  • shiqi has no blog readers [YES/no]
You can see by the minimal people who is tagging at my blog. That is because my friends don't have the link of the blog, and it's not because I don't have friends. Get the difference? The main purpose of this blog is to jot down my feelings (which mostly contains rants of friendships) and daily events. I badmouth my friends (haha!) and jot down all my friendship problems here. If my friends know my blog, it won't serve the purpose, yes?

I used to have public (public refers to school friends) blog. And it's so damn irritating when I can't even state that I am pissed with Alyn, let's say for example. (I don't have a friend called Alyn) My blog will serve no purpose because I can only write joyous events.

  • then why do you leave your blog public?/ why don't you just keep a diary?
Because it is tedious to write down everything and typing is faster. I like to keep it public, okay? And I like to deceive myself that people read my blog. Haha.

  • are you patient? [yes/no]
Depends on who and what the issue is. I am relatively not patient if I see girls from my school rushing down the public bus when everyone is going down the same stop. What is the problem with you that you have to squeeze your body all the way from the back of the bus to the door? Everyone is going out too, what's the point of pushing?

I don't like waiting for people, I can tolerate friends being late but definitely not my mother.

  • are you a fanatic? [yes/no]
I don't know.

Sometimes I can go ga-ga over certain idols, sometimes I don't. I used to be one and I'm trying my best to change. Not because it is a bad thing, but I feel that I shouldn't just live in the world of idols, I should get some life. (Okay, no life in secondary 4 yet)

  • are you a workaholic/nerd? [yes/no]
I would say no, but I wish I could be one.
are you organized? [yes/no]
I am not organized, but I hate it when people disrupt my plans. Ironic as it is, I do disrupt my own plans.