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“ School's in. ”
Wednesday, March 19 |8:59 PM

-------------I will repost this in time to come. (: -------------
Piang, I am quite pissed because I was editting/resizing the photos for the past 15mins then I found out that the pictures of my shoes/bags were not in my computer. Either I deleted them or it was misplaced, so I'm not really in the mood to get the photos up until I take the pictures of my bag/shoe. Texts and words to gobble you up first!

Let's see what's new for the term.

1. School Bag
2. Spectacles (black frames)
3. Shoes

Say bye to the white dirty converse bag that I carried for one year. Suffering from shoulder aches because it's a sling bag. Haversack's better because I carry most of my books home everyday, good girl yeah?

[pictures to be added soon]

Suspense. (: haha

You'll never guess how much I bought this pair of shoes for. (Or maybe you will.) It's $12.90! It's even cheaper than the normal Bata shoes you see.

Say bye to my nails

): 3 months with you. I feel so naked without you now