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Friday, March 7 |9:12 PM

School term has finally come to an end, 3 months just passed like that

Let's see what I've done during this 3 months:

-study sessions have been fruitful
-results aren't that bad compared to the rest.

-went to church service (:
-sony cybershot
-beginning to read more story books.
-wrote fanfic

Basically I can't think of any social events I did this year. I have no social life, especially this year.

Parent's meeting session is so damn funny please. Viv's mom and my mom were intentionally avoiding Qing's mom because you know her type (super nagging). My mom was the first parent to see Mr Lim and what? They were so god damned quiet. Conversation went like that:

Mr Lim: Okay, this is Shiqi's results.
Mom: Okay. *pregnant 15secs pause* You fail amaths and literature uh.
Mr Lim: Yes.


Mom: So did she give any trouble?
Mr Lim: No la, she's a very good girl.
Mom: Ya, SHE IS A GOOD GIRL (What's the point of asking when you know it?)
Mr Lim: Yup, so generally her results are fine.
Mom: Ya.
Mr Lim: You can see the amaths teacher over there or the literature teacher over there...
Mom: Okay.
Mr Lim: That's all.
Mom: Okay, thank you.

I was supposed to put pictures but the battery died on me, heh heh. I'll edit it tmr, perhaps.

I hope I can make my holidays a fruitful one. With fun and studying of course. I'm going to Pulau Ubin tomorrow! (: Happy holidays.

Studying at the library with qing.


HA, my room is filled with books now, damn messy.

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