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“ Zero to Hero ”
Sunday, March 23 |8:31 PM

Zero to Hero!

Went to Zero to Hero to support sherminh(last saturday). But before we went Zero to Hero, all of us went to Bishan Junction 8. Okay, and before everything.. I had to rush to Vivien's grandmother's house to deposit my clothes and bag (for the stayover) then we walked to Wanlin's house.

I wore the shoe because I had to match it with the dress. Vivien asked me to wear dress with her because she doesn't have other clothes (& no, she isn't those girly type). I was too overwelmed by the events we planned and everything that I forgot the shoe I wore bites my toes. Grrr, so being the rushy girl, I just wore my shoes out and walked to Vivien's grandmother's house. Just that short distant, my legs were already red. And when I reached Wanlin's house, my toes were already bleeding. Stupid plaster and stockings didn't work out. ):

Met the couple (qing and jinghao) in the afternoon to watch Horton. I was really reluctant to watch Horton because I don't think I'm at the age where I do enjoy cartoon movies, qing and jinghao agreed too. But before that I was with the two kiddys, they wanted to watch Horton, 2 versus 1, I wouldn't win anyway. And I was sabo-ed to sit with the couple because I was closer to them. What theory is this lah? So viv talked to wanlin, qing talked to jinghao. I just sat in the middle trying to talk to the both.

In the middle of the movie, there was some technical problems, so the whole screen blackout-ed. Jinghao screamed to enhance the atmosphere, but then when we all decided to scream, the lights was turned on. Bad timing. & in the midst of everything, wanlin suddenly shifted places, followed by vivien then me. Haha, jinghao was so damn confused la, haha. Qing too.

Anyway, Jojo in Horton looks like my tutor. The show was funny, but I didn't really enjoy it.

Had dinner at Pasta Mania, camwhored alittle. Whao, I was like the middle person of the two cliques luh. I just suddenly go "Hello everyone!" then they ignored me. ): That is so not shiqi, haha.

Ha, I look the same.

I forgot there's a 3rd shot

Ooo, boooo, yuck.

vivien's ghostly.

Then went to (i forgot the station) this particular mrt station. While waiting for the mighty Esther's arrival, we camwhored. (without vivien because she was camera shy). When esther came, we all left the station to something college, haha. I forgot again. There were no nearby traffic lighs, so all of us had to climb over the railings. Unglam la, cause everyone wore skirt/dresses except for Jinghao (duh!) and wanlin.

I look overdressed & fat.

New taiji position?

Shiqi: Wo shi ROCKER!
Qing: as if, bleah
wanlin: Ohmg, rocker!

I like this photo even though my eyes are damn small.


editted by wanlin


note calafare at the back

& we camwhored again, while waiting for Zero to Hero to start. Genocide's performance was great! Sadly we left after their performance... So we couldn't see the better ones.

you finally came!

people on the right.

the girl on my left.

to the left again

where's wanlin?!


vivien you so scary.

on our way back

Nothing much happened when I stayed over at vivien's. Just that we watched lots and lots of wangzi, lol. In my case is rewatch, cause I watched it already. Boohoo~ Not high at all.

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