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Sunday, April 20 |10:14 PM

Ohmg, haha.
Wangzi aka Ah Nuo damn cute leh! The front part was quite shocking la, the part he asked Hao Mei if Yu Shu and her kissed before. (& the whatnots) He was so scary! I hope not other people ain't gonna hate him for that Qian Bian face, haha.

But he's damn cute after he recovered la! He just kept laughing and "HAHA" ing away la! Gosh. When he spoke in those super childish voice, hehe. Don't tell me his story ended! I'm gonna just kill myself, literally. How can they just let him appear for such a short while!


Ah Jin & Christine very sweet! (: haha. Christine's english is very funny, she has this funny accent.
22 March 2008
My contract with Singtel ended so I decided to change over to Starhub because they have better offers. 1000 free sms/mms, here i comeeee! hahaha.

Didn't have the intentions to change my phone, but I had a 100dollar voucher, which I can only use it that day. So I got the phone that I wanted even before I had my Sony ericsson phone (i forgot the model, haha. The black and gold one la). Yup, so I changed my phone. Happy shiqi! Haha.

test the phone. :D Unglam me, but i don't care.

Notice the keyhandphone chain?

you see lollipop & yingqi. (k, i seldom put these type of thing on my phone lor! haha)

Snip snip snip!

I know you all know that I get a haircut at least four times a year (I cut my hair almost every 3 months). I got my second haircut for the year at qing's brother's salon (where he works). & it's my first time getting a haircut without my mother, I usually go with the parentals. This whole haircut was improptu. Yes, you heard that right. I was supposed to accompany qing, but I ended up having a haircut. It was 18bucks & hell, everyone says I look better with my previous hair. With the exception of qing and her mother, wth (?) it's their brother/son, obviously will side them right!

I think I look okay what, not like it's horrible. Just that my previous hairstyle is nicer.

Okay right?

My favorite hairstyle. );

I don't care, i'm going back to the previous hairstylist to get back my hair! That will be like after O levels, I suppose. I want my hair to be longer! I shouldn't keep cutting, haha.

By the way, qing cut her fringe and re permed her hair again. She repermed/reborned countless times already! Haiyo.

X-country & stayover & step down
Last thursday was the official date we, the sec fours, step down. (; No more interact after thursday! Yes!

We collected newspapers from the blocks. Charmine, Sherminh, Li Ying and I are the ultimate losers, haha. Jiexi & the sec ones had more than 10 bags of newspapers, but then we only had like one pathetic stack, which is lighter than my school bag. Can you imagine that? Gosh, we did ask, just that they sold it to the garang guni already.

I rushed home and then walked over to Vivien grandmother's place. Then we went back to Bedok, watched mfbbt and slept at like 2am.

Same shirt, same specs, haha

i look horrible

The next day we walked over to Bedok Reservoir for X-country (pronounced as: Cross country). Walked the whole of Bedok Reservoir. The teachers expect us to run *rolls eyes* Mr Loh actually stopped us and scolded us. So we had to run for some distance, i felt like dying la. Plus it was so hot, we all were literally baked in the sun! Walked with Mei Ee, Sherminh and Vivien. (:

Sec 4s were the first to start, followed by sec3s and so on. Teachers were the last. I tell you what, when we reached the ending point (which is the starting point), the teachers just started out the race. What the hell right. We actually sat there for 1 hour until everyone came back.

Went to esther's church again. But this time I wasn't alone. Qing, Jeyanti & Bryna came along. (:

Before that we went to play arcade, haha. I'm addicted to basketballs.

Before service

picture perfect, yo.

Geeeesh, I'm too lazy to type anything la.

"The lens is condensing!" no wonder it's so blur, haha.

"we look like we're tourist!"

"No, tourist must do the twist sign! haha"

You snap me!

Bryna, Jeyanti & esther

Service was fun, get to know more people. That's all.

dinner with them. (:

after that I fixed my guitar strings. ;D

yay, someone uploaded They kiss again! (: hahaha, I'm going to watch it now!

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