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“ hei tang qun jia chuan ”
Monday, April 28 |9:00 PM

I am evidently out dated with the cpop, heh heh. & I just found out that wangzi is in the cast of this drama called 黑糖群侠传(Hei Tang Qun Jia Chuan) with xiaoxun (!). Alright, I found out they were supposed to act together, but I didn't know it was real, I thought it was a rumour or that it wasn't confirmed.

Other didis and meimeis in it are... Xiaoyu, Xiaoman, Yatou & Awei. They decided to choose 3 from each group, and it was said to boost their popularity. So far, the story goes like this... Wangzi likes Xiaoxun, Xiaoxun likes Xiaoyu and Xiaoyu is stuck between Yatou and Xiaoman. Everything just looks weird except for Yatou & Awei. I think they're going to be together because Xiaoman is too tall for Awei, and Xiaoxun looks oversized for him. Haha.

But why did they put Wangzi with Xiaoxun! Ohmg, I dislike this pairing. I just don't see why the director chose Xiaoxun, besides that he JUST WANTS XIAOXUN because they've worked together in 18jin bu jin, sighs. Xiaoxun has Dan Chao Fan (with Dadong & Danson), 18Jin Bu Jin (with A Ben), Hei Tang (with bbt and hsh), why can't the directors just give other people a chance?

& it was said that they wanted to boost the popularity of the not-so-famous meimeis and didis. I do not see why Wangzi, Xiaoxun & Xiaoyu is in the cast. Wangzi is popular enough, he doesn't need a popularity boost. (I am not saying this because I am a fan of his, it is evident that he is the most popular in bbt. At least, I mean his fans show support. Maybe other people's fans are just too shy.) But if you really want to argue, I'll say They want to boost the ratings, or that he doesn't really have a drama of his yet. Xiaoyu and Wangzi can be catorised into the same catogory.

Whao, then Xiaoxun? I think she's just pulling strings, the director just wants her just because he cooperated with her in 18JBJ. Tsktsk, stubborn director aye. Then why didn't he find A Ben? Xiaoxun really doesn't need a popularity boost la, she has sooo many works of her own.

I think they shouldn't try to make those not-so-famous people famous. If they want to, then don't get Wangzi and Xiaoyu in it right! Haiyo. Make me confused leh. I don't think they want another Hei Tang - bad ratings and all. But I know Hei Tang was successful in a way that more people liked bbt. (; They should just get Aoquan, Daya (speaking of Daya, where is she?) Guigui, Wangzi, Xiaoyu & Meimei. I know it's always bad to stick with a pairing, but I think if they're gonna risk the ratings by this stupid pairing, they're loosing promising viewers. Just look at the amount of people supporting Guigui and Wangzi? They can be compared to people like Rainie & Mike lor! And by that time Guigui would have already been done with MIT.

I think I should just cross my fingers because the actual castings haven't been out. Wangzi, Xiaoxun, Xiaoyu, Xiaoman, Yatou and Awei is just the temporary ones. I pray hard that Guigui would be in it. (;

I am biased alright. My teeth is super pain, I need to go study Social Studies now! now! now! Shiqi, go study!