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“ what is true love? ”
Sunday, April 13 |10:07 PM

Hi everyone, blogging shall be my weekly activity.

I have 70pictures to upload, ha. I think I'm getting the hang of being a camwhor-er.

Not my style.

yay, this is me.

Things have been happening to qing, & as a bestfriend, I think I should be with her to go through this. Just one day after Jinghao's birthday, qing said they agreed to break up for 1 week, then the next day he said he wanted a breakup, after that he said he was sorry & wanted another chance, on Friday they decided to meet up and sort things out, but apparently he didn't care anymore.

I thought the both of them could last longer, but no, Jinghao was confused by the choices he had. I always thought that he was the good guy & right guy for her, apparently I'm wrong. He couldn't resist the temptations, and wanted a break. Just because of this sss girl who appeared out of nowhere. *rolls eyes* I can't believe their 1 year relationship can't overcome this little temptation - a girl he just knew for like what? One month. wow.

I was so worried for her because she wasn't answering my phone calls. So I decided to message Jinghao and asked if she was still with him. I suppose he isn't in a good mood because he replied "Yes". That somehow sounded, fierce. Anyway, then after half an hour while I was eating my dinner at Marina Square, I recieved a call from him asking if I'm going to look for qing. After that I received this message:

shiqi, qing is really devasted n ur the cloest to her now. im sorry that thing's gotta turn out like this, she needs u by her side right now. i hope u'll be with her n pull thru this together with her k.

So he threw all the shit to me. Okay, not that I didn't want to be with her and pull her through this, but he's clearly throwing all the shit to me la!

Actually, I was already on standby when qing told me she wanted to sort things out with Jinghao, because they're 90% gonna break. But my mom wanted me to go dinner with her, so I had to. If not I could be by qing side when she told me she needed me, I took almost an hour to reach her. And of all times, there was a traffic jam at the city area! Raffles city & Marina square isn't that far apart la, but I took 30mins to reach there.

I tried to cheer her up & everything but I suck at it. Shopped with her and treated her to Gelare (she didn't have appetite) & I had cough,flu,throat infection. So the both of us had difficulty eating up the waffles, haha.

Mango Fizz & Raspberry Fizz (From Gelare)

Waffles! (: Delicious man,

Anyway, after that I sent her home to her doorsteps & waited for my mom to fetch me. (:

Yeah, I was the superwoman for the day. (: Haha.

This cycle repeated yesterday.

I went out with her after tuition and window shopped. (: Heh.

She picked this for me.

& I think I look weird, I picked that for her. (:

I like this Rock top.

Tops from Mango/


Ha, I had difficulty doing that sign. I'll end up with the middle finger.

Act cool, ya la.

I look distorted.

& crazy


Haha, she's happy . (:

ewww, my legs are damn fat.

Something normal.

Haha, Hei Se Hui POM POM skirts.

I like this picture.

HAHAH, 881. :D

I look hideous.


Vain pot!

Lazy to type everything la, but she's much better already. & basketball is fun! I wanna play arcade againnn.

okay, i'm going to bed at this very early time because I want to watch They Kiss Again tomorrow morning! (at about 5am) So yes, goodnight everyone!

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