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“ Mei ee's birthday ”
Monday, May 19 |11:35 PM

Happy birthday mei ee!

Love you muchos muchos! Stop reading your storybooks/learning Jap, start studying you bean sprout! Nahnah, I won't ask you to grow up because I like it the way you are now. (; So cute la you.

[I am currently in full study mode, I'm just resting & therefore typing this.]

Few days back, Vesak Day, we celebrated Mei Ee's birthday at @ Marina Square's Kbox. Yup, the picture above is Clique '08 currently. (; I'm quite happy that we've finally expanded from 4 people to 6, wohooo. This consist of the usual four - Qing, Vivien, Sherminh, (me) & now the new additions are Mei Ee & Wanlin.

Okay, enough of introduction.

Viv, Lin & Sher came to my house early in the morning, so that viv could try out the skinnies. They stayed for quite a while and then we left for Marina Sq. Lin & myself wore similar flats, cooolio. The birthday girl, Mei Ee, and Qing stays at the other side of the world, so we didn't meet up. They met up instead. We sort of lied to her and got her to wear a dress plus stockings (You must know that she only wears like Polo Tee & Beggy Jeans outside) by persuading her & telling her that we're all wearing dress. In the end, everyone except her wore Jeans/skinnys.

We were really considering to wear dress okay! But in the end we didn't. I know Mei Ee must have felt cheated & saboed. Awwww. I actually intended to wear stockings so that she won't be alone, but because it looked weird, I didn't wear it. Sorry!

Let's not get sidetracked. (; On the way to Cityhall station, I realised that my leg had terrible blisters. Gah, the price to pay for being vainpot. I always get blisters from flats! To think that my mom actually reminded me not to wear flats. I ignored her and wore it. Good for me, I got blisters all over, part of the skin was already peeled off.

By the time we reached the station, the shoe was already biting part of my meat off (other places of the leg). I had no choice but to borrow a plaster, take it out at the station and then plaster my feet, haha. Saw Arielle at the station, (gah, another story about her) and we saw Liyana at Kovan station. Yup, Mei Ee was cute in the outfit luh! She suits that type of style, but she doesn't want to dress up like that, sheeesh.

We walked and talked our way to Marina, bought lunch. And the stupid me forgot to take Chopsticks and spoon while buying wanton mee. The stupid uncle (He isn't old, but I choose to call him Uncle) laughed at me! How can he, I sue him then he know ah. Customers are always right. ;D Nah, I am not so unreasonable.

We had extra time so we went to his Haiwaiian style shop at Marina. Okay, I have no idea why they went in. I totally didn't want to go in the shop, because it's so beachy style. Haha. Which is so-not-me. I was totally bored in the shop while Lin & Mei was super fascinated by the woody accessories. Okay, I admit some was nice, but majority is like... -,-. And we stayed there for more than half an hour. Imagine my boredness and reluctance. But we only bought friendship bands from there, haha. It's my favorite green but it's abit too striking on the leg. (;

We went into Kbox after that and chose the cake. And we chose a million and dozen songs from bbt. Meiee must have been bored out by us because she used to hate bbt. (She claims that bbt copied News, Hey say Jump! song. Okay, i know it sounds alike but they're not the composer!) She almost went bonkers when we sang Yes!

The unlucky thing was that... Sherminh had sore throat, so was I. Vivien was the only one who knew all the songs, Qing only knew some songs. Wanlin didn't dare to sing and Meiee's only interested in the Japanese. Okay, but at least Mei did sing, haha. Her voice so cute la! Like Japanese trying to sing Chinese songs leh, somemore like those cutesy cutesy voice! Haha.

The cake came in at around 3PM, did the usuals - sing happy birthday, make wishes, pictures.

This looks like some CNY shot at the Sofa.

Family portrait!

I look extremely fat at certain area.

i like this pic, cause I look tanned. VERY TANNED with comparison to qing.

Messy table!

Failed attempt

To summarise everything: We had a great time. (L)

From Shiqi's (Mine):

From Wanlin's:

Wanlin big head shot.

Basically you can differentiate it through the lightings.

Vivien's shot.

): Wanlin don't want to send me Qing/sherminh and my shot. ): Must be she look unglam

Had dinner together with the same gang. I got quite emo towards the end of the day. One, I was too tired to do anything, I started thinking stuffs. Then we all went home. Interesting thigns happened at the MRT station, but I'm too lazy to type it now.

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