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“ A chance ”
Saturday, May 31 |2:19 AM

Gymed with Mei & viv today. Met up with viv underneath her granny's then met up with Mei at the school bus stop.We just missed bus 113, but in the end we didn't have to wait that long. (: Haha, we went to hougang sports hall, and viv was complaining so much about the facilities! Hahaha, we were noobs when we went to the gym, we didn't know where to do this and that. Haha. After that we went to eat our lunch. We ate Japanese Pizza! It was filled with veggies, which is good. Haha.

Thanks, enjoyed the company. Loves.

I rushed back home, bathed and did the necessity then I went to Yio Chu Kang to meet Qing. Woah, YCK is super far from my house, i took like 45mins to reach there by train. Haha, so we met Yiquan at Sembawang. They were having church camp over there at the Boy's Brigade & Girl's Brigade campsite. Saw this PL girl, and we were looking at each other eyeball to eyeball, haha! Cause I didn't know she'll recognise me, I have no idea what's her name anyway.

Met Priscilla & Zi Ying who's from PL too. Priscilla's 3 years older, Zi Ying's two years older. Haha. Met alot of new friends, whom I don't remember the names except this person who's nicknamed Goldfish, Johnathon... See la, I really can't remember their names. ;p Paiseh.

It was quite awkward because we two felt like total outcast, haha. Then we went for this campfire thing, cheered and all. This guy damn sweet. He was like "In case you're bored you have me." Haha. Yup, then we went back to the canteen and they had their performances. The green coloured house was the best, haha. I am sort of in that house anyway. I forgot the name for the house. It's some name from the drama Heroes.

Yup, sang and the people shared their lives. When they asked if ... I can't remember the actual one la. They asked if you want to give your life to Jesus or something, then I decided I should give it try, after all the persuasion and everything. One more step closer to Jesus, yay.

I wanted to type something, but I shouldn't. It's about why I find it hard to accept Jesus, haha. Nothing religious, it's just personal.

Basically, that was my night. Johnathan said I looked alot like Campus Superstar Clara Tan.

Compare, where got?!

See, even the short hair pic doesn't look like Clara.

Things that I found it funny today,


I looked at Qing, she looked at me. Then we laughed.

Yiquan: What's so funny? Why so secretive?
Qing: Nothing, nothing funny at all. It's not funny. *Burst out laughing*


Johnathan: *asks Qing* What sports do you play? Oh, you play badminton.

-.- when he already knows that she's from Badminton.


Houses cheered and cheered.
Can't remember what they said la.
Then after the whole cheer, the said "ZI HIGH TIME!" I find it funny.


"Give the fire a hand!"

Hahahaha, how to give fire a hand?

Note: okay, I'm going out to watch Narnia now. Be back later, if I can.

& i accepted Jesus today yesterday. I gave Jesus a try.
No pictures.

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