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“ Mommy's day ”
Monday, May 12 |12:59 PM

So how was mother's day homies?

Everyday is mother's day as long as you love your mother. (;

Mine was good, though I didn't really celebrate on the day itself. I celebrated on Friday night. Gave her the cupcakes I baked, haha. Which served as my XIN YI, and not to be eaten.

I'm finally had the chance to go out after sooo long. I miss making up and dressing up nicely. It feels so good to be dressed up.

We went to Chatterbox at Meritus Mandarin (I think that's the name of the Hotel). Years back, I went to chatterbox for supper with qing. That was when Chatterbox was at level one. Now, it has upgraded to level 38 & 39.

I would say, the food isn't as fantastic as the price. One plate of Hor Fun costs close to 20bucks. The beautiful view comes into the price as well. & we ate at such a ungodly time - 11PM. The food was filling though. But I don't think it's worth the money, it's just the name.

We walked along the lonely streets of Orchard. It was quite surprising that it was so quiet. I thought Orchard road would be quite happening at night. :/ We walked from Takashimaya to Shaw back to Takashimaya and then went to PS to watch supposedly Dance of the Dungeon, but the screening time was... over. So we watched Speed Racer featuring Rain. (-.-)

Rain is so out of the topic now. I find him ugly, though he's eyes does justice to people like me. :D HAHA. Can he even speak English? He has so little say in the show, lol. The show is generally okay, but I think they dragged the racing part too much. I got so bored, I slept.

& My leg had terrible blisters because of the shoe. ): I eventually walked bare footed on the escalator (You know how painful is that!?) because I couldn't bear the pain. THE PAIN I GET ALWAYS FOR WEARING NICE SHOES.

[pictures to be added when I edit them (;]

By the way, I am in love with McGriddles! :D WHOOO HAAA.
I have one Mcgriddles downstairs, but I think I shouldn't eat it because it's fattening. One per day is enough. (: hawhaw.