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“ Puff up the cupcakes! ”
Saturday, May 10 |9:50 PM

I'm back from my mini disappearance. I was busy with Mid years as every single sec four out there is. I'm not done with this yet, I've still got science MCQ on monday.

I screwed my midyears totally.

Qing's new phone! We all now have Sony phones except sherminh, lol.

On a brighter note, we baked yesterday for mother's day. It was... screwed up.

Qing came over, vivien came after that. & they watched mfbbt. Okay, we lunched at KOBAYASHI (I think that's how we spell that). Saw Edna & Stephanie along the way, they were planning for Delicia's birthday.

We went to source for everything we needed for Mother's Day. Came home and baked. It was sooo fun, we danced and sang and had fun. I have videos, haha.

Aunty one and Aunty three.

Little miss aunty went to buy butter for us.



We totally screwed the whole baking session. We added things in the wrong procedure, and we added CHEESE as butter, but we took it out. We finished it and put it in the oven. The finished product was like FLOUR. It's not even spongey.

I'll be back with more. (;

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