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Monday, June 2 |11:17 PM

Initially wanted to sneak into Sex And The City but who knows that we look freaking not like 18. See la, the churchies said we look like the age of Yiquan, which is 18. What the hell, they lied.(Haha) We tried two cinemas, but we didn't manage to sneak in. Boooo.

The Princess and the Maid. -.- I look under dressed.

Met up with her at Dhoby, then went to Bugis. We ate Tira-Miss-U donuts, it was delicious and yet fattening. Haha, good things come with consequences. We're like bobos, we didn't know how to eat it because it was creamy on the top. Haha. Freaking woman didn't allow us to watch Sex And The City, so we went around looking for a place to camwhore. Haha, we ended up in the neoprint shop. But it wasn't photo-day for me. I looked horrible. So not much pictures taken. (: Heheh. The basement was like food paradise pleasee. We got tempted by the food, hehehe. We ate Tori-Q's Chicken Ball, yummmy yummmmy! Haha, then we were tempted by Korean Huge Saussage. Hahaha. I was telling her "TOUCH YOUR STOMACH!" then we looked at each other, and shook our heads. But in the end, we still went to eat the saussage. Hahaha. Shit, it was so tempting la. The saussage's looking at me saying "EAT ME, IT'S NO BIG DEAL." Hahaha.

Pretty girl,

Boring me.

(this doesn't prove justice to my dress sense! Hahahah) Plus i look fat.

We got bored so we went to Dhoby, checked the tickets. We weren't allowed in again. (!) So we spent our money on arcade (bball!) and food. Yes, I love playing the arcade bball, you'll feel accomplished when you see the ball go in consquetively, hehehe. After playing we walked around, walked to Heerens then to Taka had Omeltte. (; Hahaha. Ate something else that I forgot. Then we walked to Wisma, slacked around the Orchard Rd.

This proves something. Haha. This does justice to me. (;

Do we not look 18?

I look like woman in black, haha.

We were trying to find cute guys, but sorry, this is Singapore. It's super hard to find any cute guys. We walked from Plaza Singapura to Taka, but on the way, we seen none. Orchard was super quiet yesterday. Cute american guys are most prob at Singapore Indoor Stadium (I initinially typed STATION) going "JENNY! YOU GOT ME ON MY KNEES! JENNY! YOU'RE KILLING ME~~", watching Click Five concert. The cute girly guys should be at Singapore Expo singing "WO BU XIANG DONG DE, BU XIANG DONG DE~~~", happily oggling at Angela/Fanfan and Claire. Boooo.

Stupid quiet Orchard.


I like this shot, hahaha.

Yeah heh, so empty.

That took up almost half the teenage population. We were so bored because the whole of Orchard Rd is super quiet and empty. Really weird. It was just a boring day la, boooo. We had nothing to do because our initial plans failed! Sex And the city!!! I WANT TO WATCH YOU.

I'm very stressed now, over the board for wangzi. );

Hohoho, watched Narnia The Prince Caspian last Saturday. I was excited for the show initially, but then it turned out like... sighs. I wasn't my taste and I didn't like it. Perhaps there were people who liked it, but I don't care. I dislike it. *SPOILER*Prince Caspian is so ugly, who the hell and why did he appear out of nowhere? And how did the damn train station bring them to another world? *END OF SPOILER*

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