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“ Hei Xia ! ”
Sunday, July 27 |2:03 PM

Anyways, the first episode of Hei Xia is already out! (: Watched it yesterday. It wasn't that bad afterall. Much better than I expected, haha.

I wonder what's the ratings like. Somehow I think people (not fans) won't watch it cause it's looks anient and old... Like those gongfu shows where people fly here and there, lol! I don't really like the idea of martial arts inside an idol drama actually, haha.

In the past, I only wanted to watch it for the sake of Wangzi. You can say I'm shallow, whatever. After watching the first episode... I think it's better than expected and it's well, worth the watch for the fans.

Oh and at first I thought Wangzi was the same old cold type, but it didn't turn out that way. Haha. I love the Harry Potter part. (; Ya tou and Wangzi isn't that bad afterall, lols. Xiaoman looks cute inside I don't know why. Hahaha, I wonder what will happen to Yatou and Wangzi la. They look so sweet now.. I think Xiaoxun's the cause of them breaking up or something. Haha

And Wangzi sang the ending theme song! woohoo. Even though it isn't like fabulous or what, but at least he sang. (: Haha.

I don't understand why people refuse to watch the show just because they don't like to see Yatou/Xiaoxun and Wangzi together. Tsk! So irrational! lol.

By the way, today's Mengzhe's birthday!


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