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“ Tea aloha ”
Sunday, August 10 |2:33 AM


It's been quite some time ever since I touched on this old rusty keyboard lol. Actually not, I touch it every Saturday. And we're getting back our Chinese O's results next Tuesday. I'm not a bit nervous at all, not because I'm confident, but because I still can't believe that I'm taking the results back. It feels like a dream, I do not wish to believe it.

k i wasted my day doing nothing but abit of Addmaths. Dined out at Marche and watched Money No Enough. It caught me reflecting on myself. I wonder how I'd treat my mom when I grow up. I can't even guarantee that I'd not leave her alone. Oh man, I hope I won't and I pray I won't.

Anyway Breaking Dawn is out! Gosh. I want to read it but I can't sidetrack, I need to study. Hei Xia is already keeping me away from my studies. I need to stay focus! k I know I sound like a bloody nerd keep blabbering about studies. Can't help it.

Some pictures from long long ago & not so long ago.

Tea session was great. (; Hahahaha. It's not as simple as we think it is. K that is very general comment about it. lol

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I look bored, k I am not, but that's just me.
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Pouring tea is not that simple babeh. lol
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lol, sher said this is an unglam shot of me. I don't think so leh. Really meahs?
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That's a fake smile.
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Sherminh & I

Haiya, stupid imageshack not working.
I'm not in the mood to upload the photos. It's 4am, I need to sleep.

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