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“ teachers day 08 ”
Sunday, August 31 |1:32 AM

Hi all,

I've burnt my tongue yesterday by eating Chicken Baked Rice. I didn't know it was that hot, so I scooped a big one and put it in my mouth. And I teared on the spot. My tongue is so numb now. ); It feels as if I had a ulcers on my tongue, the whole tongue.

Myself, Malar, Vivien, Amanda, Qing, Edna, Mei Ee, Wan Lin

Recess clique + Bernice + Edna

celebration, performance for me & 4B2.

Aces day workout was fun! Although Meiee was angry cause we kinda left her alone, oppps. But I was pulled away too! ): But everything's fine afterall, Meiee's sucha nice person until ahem, we all know who. It's the first year and probably the last year I'll be so high for Aces day! Hahaha, I totally love the song Take It All! Gosh, it got me so high.


Then we changed and met the prefects, stayed at canteen, camwhored till 11am. Tsk! We weren't allowed to watch the performance. What the hell? Last year you know? Plus our performance was the last, so... you get what I mean. We don't see the performance at all. tsk!




3/4 of zhai nv! (:

Irony! They hate each other. ( I MEAN IT)

Muack baby!

But our performance was great, I love it! (; We even got ALL the teachers flowers okay! We are one of the two sec four classes which performed. This year's sec four don't have gratitude lor! All don't wanna perform one. Hahaha. I miss the times we practised the songs! Awwwww~

4B2 '08. I think some people are missing.

Just look at Cheryl Cheong beside me luh! hahahah!

Did I mention I love my class shirt? So cute la! Camaraderie! (; Hahahaha, it means... togetherness.

After that we went to look for Mrs Tng. (Yes, my P6 teacher!) Hahaha. I don't know how did all the other people know about it, so 11people ended up going. I think it's 11. Wasn't very happy though.

Mrs Tng! She hasn't changed alot.

And I got pissed off by V because she was pissed that she missed 2 buses while waiting for us (but we were waiting for Jinle they all). She pissed Qing off first, so when I called her I was still fine. But she shouted at me because we were so slow she missed 2 buses. (WTH?) So I got pissed off and shouted "You in a rush then you go first la! No body ask you to wait for us right!" She kept her mouth shut. Wouldn't you be mad if someone gets angry with you because she's in a rush? In the first place, she wanted to make things difficult for herself by arranging her NP Ikea meetup thing when she knows we've already asked Mrs Tng. Secondly, she gets angry with us because we're meeting Mrs Tng without her. When she said "You want to go then go la!". So she decided to meet Mrs Tng and then go for her Ikea thing. So she gets angry with us because we're so slow, we delayed her timing for her Ikea thing la? Ridiculous, chooose one option can anot?! You want to make yourself so busy then that is your problem, not ours. Why are you angry with us?! WLAO EH, SOMEMORE YOU DON'T DARE TO BE FIERCE TO JINLE. WHAT IS THIS? We waited for them for 1hr, while you walked home, bathed and changed.

It was clear that I was pissed off the whole bus journey. Qing and I gave that black face. I know they think that I have some issues. Tsk! I didn't want to be like that too okay! I was high and happy in the first place. Tsk!

Okay, so we went Toy R'rus. Qing and I saw this bottle, it was in a pair. We wanted to buy it, V saw and she was jealous. -.- So she ignored us. Wlao, what is her problem?

Nevermind, we saw Mrs Tng and she treated us to Swensens! Oh my, the bill amounted to 211bucks lor! Caught up alot with her, which is good. (; Met up with Fay tooo! She changed a lot since P6. Seriously. Pierced tongue, multiple earholes, dyed hair.

Decided to go to esther's house for a while. Ah, then V got jealous and angry again lor. Cause I went to Esther's house, then she'll be alone in the bus. I know she'll be "Shiqi pangsehed me again" Hey, in the first place hor, we didn't even arrange to go back together lor. Pangseh what la!

Okay, pissed.

Oh well, had fun with Esther. We exercised for an hour, and my arms are aching now. Hahaha. Then walked around and camwhored. (;


To be continued. (;

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