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Roll the tape

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“ strike it off! ”
Monday, August 25 |2:45 PM

I'm done with Social Studies & E Geog! (;

5 other subbys to go for prelims!

57days to O levels.

I'm worried because I seem too lax over my prelims. lol lol My mom scolded me for worrying over such stupid things. She said it's good to be relaxed, it's the ultimate highest level. o.O

Alrighto. I don't know if I should be happy over that.

The weather nowadays is soooo cold! It's not helping me because I feel like sleeping. Oh and my handwriting sucks when it comes to exams.

Hmmmmm. I have nothing interesting to talk about.

Hei Xia is getting interesting! Oh and I'm still quite sad over the fact that 21bang will be graduating. Tsk Andy! What for go find other didis? They no good meah? Haiyo, I have no idea how to see wangzi next time (After Hei Xia ends) Ooooohlalala.

Not important not important. O LEVEL MORE IMPORTANT.