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“ heartlander ”
Thursday, September 11 |11:26 PM




HAHAHAHA, sorry I needed to be proud of that!

I am not emotional anymore. (; Maybe because I was studying tooo hard I tried to disconnect myself with my friends? I'm not sure, but I am so much happier with their company.

Prelims are officially over, (yes babeh yes!) I'm a heartlander I'm a heartlander~ Yes, I am going to show you how heartlander I am. I didn't go town like the other townies. lol!

;D Heheheh. So I stayed at home and waited for Mcgriddles! We finshed our paper at 9:14AM. Initially only viv wanted to come, then amanda chen wanted to go out, so they went to Macs for breakfast but I didn't. Heard about what they talked, I'm so glad to hear what amanda said to me. (:

Ate, watched mofan, critisized new didis for like 15mins then couldn't be bothered, so we went up and be bimbos, we painted nails. (; Vivien got addicted & so she painted and removed, did that cycle from 1140AM till 3-4PM. Siao one she.

Fumei came over too! Hahahha, so long didn't talk to you already Fumei! (; Hehehe. Okay, she came over for like 10mins and went off. -,- Nevermind, Qing and Edna went off too. They had something on.

Hellllooooo babies!

My hair not bad, quite long already.


I very tired I forgot what I wanna say already.

Oh I bet no one knows my hobby in the past. (; Woah, come to think of it, I AM VERY FORTUNATE to own those stuffs.



Aiyah, Barbie Doll! (disappointed?)

Photo courtesy of Wanlin. (; And duh my Barbie!

I know everyone loves it in the past, k correction NOT EVERYONE, it is just... some people, like me (okay) if you insist. ;P Gosh, I was so in love with Barbie Doll! They're so pretty! And I just making stories of my own, being a director of my own show, hahaha. Sadly Ken disappeared, I think one of my maid took it home. (Hahaha!) Yeah, I have a lot of Barbie Dolls, I didn't know that until people told me I have a lot when they always come to my hse and happen to see the shelves of dolls in the study room, lol!

She was so fascinated by the dolls! Oh I only recently took it out because I'm repacking my store room, heheheh.

BEFORE > After (Seee my hair, sweaty one lor, hahah!)

Danced Jiao Jie Jie with Vivien & walked to Lin's house after that. Wah weather super hot lor! I become harlene ho already, bring fan and walk to Lin's house! Hahaha, taitai me. :p These people not camwhorer one, hahahahah. But at least will take pics, not bad.

Bought this from the machine. :p Hahahaha! I want the red one, but not that! Grrrr.

Super tired, ate dinner and talked a lot. Very talkative today. Hahahah! Darlie I love talking to you man! (:

I can't wait for saturday babeh. Candles, lanterns! (; Hahahaha, love you all!

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