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“ Mid Autumn Festival ”
Sunday, September 14 |10:24 PM

Happy Mid Autumn Festival Everyone!


We celebrated on the eve. Before that had tuition, then qing, wanlin, viv came over to my house to, supposedly, study, ended up playing Upwords & Monkey (idk what is it called) and then watched They Kiss Again to laugh at Xiang Qin clumsiness.


Qing & Wanlin left first for tuition & homework respectively. Viv stayed, we went to buy lanterns, met Darlie at Ruth's house. Gosh her house is super big, it is so dramamama luh! The door is soooo huge and then there's lots of books on the shelves, where you need a ladder to take the books! hahaha. the bbq pit is at the roof top. (;

Had to climb up the super steep ladder, whoooo~ I AM THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD. (; Hahahah.

They realised that they didn't have the wire mesh, and so I went out to heartland to get one. Tsk, I just came back from there lor! Hahahah. But nevermind. By the time I came back, Wilma & Valery. Hhahaha

wanlin, val, me

They're not even starting the fire!

Sotongs & prawns which killed us. Damn hot la!

k the sky turned dark already.

Edna wanlin viv me

Hahahah, that zong yi ka!

*to be continued.

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