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“ prom rom prom rom ”
Saturday, September 13 |12:14 AM

Holiday today, so I went out with my ahbu. High tea-ed at Crystal Jade @ Taka. Shopped there, bought shoes. Woah, my mom's shoe is really bling bling! If I have the time I'll post a nice picture of it. (;

Nice not? ;X

Hehehe, bought prom cum rom dress again. (; Yay I love it! Now I need the accesories! Hoho.

Super tired.

I need to buy coloured contacts or the enlarge eyes one! Hahaha! I need to find make up artist also. Gosh.

11nov! Here I come!

My class tee not bad ah!


Suspenders. I was quite objective towards this theme though, but it turned out quite nice. (;

I was watching mofan and ABC damn funny, he sing until his pants drop! LOL!

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