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Monday, September 22 |12:06 AM


She texted me & msned ____ too. So I guess she is trying to act like nothing has happened.

Oh well, she blamed it on ______, my clock & her other close friends who betrayed her. -,- The whole point is that she doesn't trust us.

& She is not going to change.

After one whole round of idk what, she's not changing!

Nevermind, I'm much comfortable with or without her. (;

I'll be on hiatus after this post.

No more Ling Hu Cong, no more heixia!

All I have is my hubby, my one and only love... Studying.

Went out with bestie today.

(There's something wrong with my right eye)

"Come let's take picture there!"

----sat there for 15mins talking----

"Tsk. You must wait for me to initiate is it?"
"Hahaha, yeah."

I'm happy.


Freak, I'm too lazy to upload the rest.

Bye, see you all on the 11th of nov!

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