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“ Bday ”
Sunday, October 19 |9:52 PM

Today's birthday was great! (;

Hehehe, thank you qing, edna, amanda, sherminh, chris, esther, delicia, cheryl c, chin, bernice, meiee, malar, vivien, jojo(-.-), pauline, wanlin, steph, (and someone else i forgot the name! Ohmygod). my mom, uncle blue for making this day great.

Post reserved. Will post more when I am free/feel like it.

Written paper starts tmr. Ohman.

opppsie my mom so unglam


These lovlies came over to my place to surprise me one day before written paper. (; Awww, so sweet of them, hehehe.

The bitter ones stayed at home to mug. lol! I understand luh, hahaha.

You see, I look so unglam when I just wake up. Pfffst, hair in great mess.

Though i knew they'll come and surprise me, I was still shocked cause they were too early! hahah.

the only one who wants to camwhore with me.

went to ps to watch Eagle Eye. ( i think that's the name of the movie) hahaha, it's nice! (; Hahaha, haven't stepped into the theatre since... idk when. haha!
After that qing & edna left, leaving the programmes to darlie. ;p hahaha, my bodoh friends think idk anything. Haha, they really need to learn how to act, haha! I always find some dirty facts when I'm not supposed to know, hahaha.

Anyway, we thought darlie was outside, so we waited.. then we realised that she's inside. -.- poor girl who had to take care of the candles all alone. I think the people thought she was crazy, hoho.

hahah, princess. (;

Make a wish~

Tiramisu! My fav!

Haiya, i look so ugly on my bday. ):
Thank you all. And plus the keyboard from uncle blue! (: hehehe. thanks!

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