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Tuesday, October 28 |1:26 PM

I totally dislike it when my mom doesn't answer my question directly.

Mother: There's someone suspicious over there..
Me: Ya, who?
Mother: The maid's bf.
Me: -,- Okay.. How you know he's her bf?
Mother: Because I've seen him.
Me: So?
Mother: I said I've seen him.
Me: Uh huh..? (tell me what's the link with bf?)
Mother: Nevermind.

My OS: Nevermind? Excuse me, I'm supposed to be the one to say nevermind.

Me: I mean... So what if you have seen him? It doesn't prove that he is her bf.
Mother: I said I've seen him..
Me: *faints* Can you answer my question?
Mother: I said I saw him before already what.
Me: So what about that? How you know it's her bf?
Mother: Because I saw him in the market! .

Wah, talk to her can faint. So what if she saw a man in the market? That proves that he is her bf? lol, that's is so hillarious, mummy.

amanda: #$%^&*() I forgot what she said abt wangzi.
me: yea? you think he very famous ah? hahhaah.
amanda: You made him sound like he is.

lol yea, he is but at the same time not super famous? ;X lol.

amanda: Hey, I saw your wangzi today.
me: oh really? Where? You know how he look like meh?
amanda: ya, WANGZI what.
me: you sure?
amanda: yes. at the cd shop.
me: okay, is he alone or in a group?
amanda: alone.


me: wangzi is in a group my dear girl.

HAHHAHA. She must have mistook Zhang Dong Liang for Wangzi or something?

pictures with darlie looks horrid. So i'm only going to post this. Without my head. (:

I'm glad to see the books stack up outside my room. (; Hoho, not gonna see you anymore stinko! :p

Hahahah, I'm feeling very laxed now. That's really weird cause physics' tmr. k byebye

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