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“ Can I have this dance? ”
Friday, October 31 |12:38 PM

I feel like dancing when I listen to this song. Hahah I like.

I'm so excited I'm having butterflies in my stomach. I have my plans after o's already, yay. All planned out properly. Haha.

I'm damn high now, please pardon me. I still have humans paper luh. I can't find Can I have this dance! Ohmg.

I am still very laxed as you can see, haha. I've been relaxing myself a lot by blogshopping & watching tv. Though the shows/dramas on the tv is really boring, I still get entertained. (;

*/edit after typing the entry below

She didn't even study today and she dares to tell me all about the hp or whatever. I tried nagging, but she ignored and continued to high over the hp.

You say I'm very fu yan when I ask you to study, you say I don't care when I don't. You are hard to please and I don't live to please you.

She didn't know how to answer me. I wouldn't be happy if everyone is unhappy too, make sense? lol. No wonder I feel unhappy with her around. Because she only cares about herself.

I am so disappointed with her.

Anyway, I really dislike domestic workers who takes their advantages for granted. It takes two parties to clap, yeah I know that. But I think my maid doesn't want to clap (k not literally!) I do not think it's my mother's fault because she is not strict with them at all. In fact, I think there are nastier employers out there.

Cannot stand it, you come here to work and not to find bf to spite your husband who has a gf too, you're not here for match making session and enjoy yourself. ohmg you are here to work.

I am not saying that you have to work like hell and all, but when your entertainment gets into work, that is bad. I can't imagine the fact that her blanglah bf knows where we/she stays. What if he comes up to our house when we are not at home? The whole image just irks me out.

Fine, so my mom forbids her to have a bf. She defys and admits that she is a part time prostitute. Well, so nevermind. My mom is lenient enough to let her have her hp back and let her have her bf as long as it doesn't disrupt us.

Now she talks super loud on the phone, laughs and flirts. -.- HELLOOO I AM THE OWNER OF THE HOUSE NOT YOU! She even sings at night till I can't get to sleep.

It's realy scandalous lor. She's has a bf when she has 3 damn kids at home, and 2 ex husbands and 1 current husband. Her husband knows about her affair and knows that he has a gf too. She even boasted to my mom that "He bring his gf friend also...." -.- Oh so she feels that it's normal to have a bf here. tsktsk.

Even if she isn't bothering me with her loud noises and all, I am still quite grossed up by the fact she admits that she is a part time prostitute and has so many husbands/bfs. She's not even good looking. Or maybe she is in their world. Whatever.

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