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Thursday, October 30 |8:15 PM

Sharlene's birthday today. :D

Not forgetting Aoquan's.

Headed to J8 for Pizzahut. Today's celebration wasn't fantastic, neither was it very happy for me. But I hope Sharlene enjoyed it. (:

Firstly, I was piqued over the fact that my friend intentionally repeated that her birthday's nearing. Yes, I know your birthday is coming dear, everyone knows that. You don't have to keep reminding us. Besides that, she had to tell us things like:-

1) Oh~ so next time you all go toilet I know you all are going to get a cake for me.
2) Please do not surprise me with a coffee cake. I hate it.

Anyone said we're going to surprise you with a coffee cake?

3) I don't mind you all giving me a Cheese cake for my birthday. *smiles*
4) Eh, tell you all I love Cheese cake. Get me one for my birthday. Thanks.
4) Yeah, I don't mind you all not coming with a present. I understand la, cause it's like the last day of the papers. Yeah.

STOP USING REVERSE PSCHOLOGY, ohmg. Instead of going low profile on it, you are blowing things up.

First you said you're going to have a chalet. Okay, fine. Then next you say it's cancelled. How embarassing. If it's not confirmed, don't ever brag. You're just digging a hole for yourself girl.

Anyway, I think I had overdose of cheese today. We all stupidly ate Haiwaian Pizza & BBQ Pizza with a lot of cheese, forgetting about the poor cheese cake waiting for us. lol. Gross too much cheese and it's still choking me, hahaha.

Blow sharlene blow.

Hahah, the happy birthday song is so damn slow and sentimental can? Hahah.
As slow as the service.

This girl kept taking my unglam, she think very fun. -.-

Cookies and cream cheese cake

Damned cake.

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