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“ twenty five ”
Friday, October 17 |12:51 AM

Hi everyone,

The o's have just started yesterday. I am not going to discuss anything about it because I do not wish to demoralise myself (no, that doesn't mean i've done badly or what) by listening to other answers. Chinese o's was just toooo bad, yeah. I do not want to end up panicking and being overly paranoid. (:

Ignorance is bliss.

And since O's have started, I shall countdown to the end of o's. Twenty five is the magic number! (;

Hahaha, I'm so relaxed now I don't know why. I'm so weird. I've been online shopping, wooooo~
Just one practical, and yet I'm so hyper. ;p I think I'll be frenzy after o's!

Being relaxed is so much more better than being paranoid and panicky. Yes? (: Yes. I've done my tys several times already, should be quite ready for the exam. I'm just scared for humans because there is not much of a way to practise it. Booohoooo.

Anyway, God bless all sec4s/5s. :D

Be back when I feel like it, hahaha. I never felt like I was hiatus-ing. Is that supposed to be bad?

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