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“ Dance dance dance ”
Sunday, November 9 |1:14 AM

long day today~ It feels like o's is over but it isn't, heck.

I'm not even studying for mcq, hahaha. Sunday and monday is already packed yo. ;p High School Musical marathon tmr! Yipeeee, gonna watch 1-3 again in the cinema. (; Thankyou so much chen, hahah.

This, is freaking nice. :D

Heheheh, I wanna eat somemore, ohmgosh I'm growing fatter. I can still taste the chilli now, awww~~

Accompanied wanlin & viv for brows trimming, met qing and watched coffin, haha. Initially wanted to watch hsm3 again, but didn't cause yeah, didn't wanted to waste money. Luckily I didn't watch it again or else I'd be watching it the 3rd time later on, lol! ;p

So freaking pissed cause there's something wrong with Audi, couldn't play it. Ended up shopping and gaming. :D Didn't manage to play wii but oh well, haha! Had good exercise on the machine though.

My legs are hurting like mad. Didn't really take photos, hoho. No photographer lah, hahah!

Pedi-curing on monday hahah!

k i'm damn tired already, gdnight.