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“ Egyptian on the go ”
Wednesday, November 26 |12:35 AM

Excuse the fake smile, haha!
My new look, haha bangs.

Woke up exceptionally early for bestie, haha. Earlier than the timing I go to school okay! See how fortunate you are, I woke up the earliest in my whole family just to send you off. Hahaha!

Lucky you, can go London. Right now, you're still in the plane. -.- Tsk, mine only 4hours!

Had breakfast over there with amanda, walked arnd and talked. I was super cold la, I thought the airport wouldn't be that cold, since the other time I came was kinda okay. lol, ended up bringing home amanda's sweater! So sorry! Realised it after I boarded the bus, how suay. haha. :D

Haha. I'm hungry, grrrr, my mom's nua-ing in her own bedroom.. ):

Sky train was empty! Hahaha! I look like a coconut, lol.

Hahah, I coloured this. With a little of amanda's help. :D Got my signature somemore!

A/s. :D

I haven't really packed my luggauge! Idk how cold is 17degrees and I want to wear nice clothes because the pple in Taiwan ( I assume ) dresses nicely. Cannot go there and xia suay, haha. Go there become auntie already. I hope there's clothes there for me to buy, hopefully not those 'winter' ones. Season changes and thus clothes change, arghhh.

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