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Monday, November 3 |11:21 AM

Abt another 2 and a half hours to socials.

I can't explain it the sense of serenity I'm experiencing now. It is quite interesting because everyone (okay, almost everyone) can't finish even 2 themes. Some people can only remember Sinhalese & Tamils out of the 3 days of mugging. What should I say? I think that's really... unbelievable.

Because it's either your brain isn't working or that you are not working hard enough. 3 days, more than 48 hours... You mean you can only remember that? lol. Is it me or is it you? Why is it I can cover everything but you don't? It's quite weird because I even have the time to watch tv and videos 5hrs a day for these 3 days, while my peers are mugging. Maybe they started late? ;X I don't know.

p/s: k i am not trying to say i'm clever, neither am i trying to say you're stupid. I am just stating my views.

Maybe because I didn't really hardcore memorise every single fact, but we don't really need to do that, do we? I'll just let everything flow into my mind later on.


okay that was really a random post.

I am really very post-o's now.
How? Hahaha.

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