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“ loathe sundays. ”
Sunday, November 16 |9:01 PM

I kinda loathe sundays, sundays are nostalgic. ):

Been out these few days, clothes have been piling up and I don't have enough clothes to wear out. ); Gwah, that's bad. I actually resort to wear my Primary school clothes, ahhh, that's how bad it is.

Out shopping with different group of people. See I'm so nice, I actualy accompany them to get their prom stuffs though I got mine already. It makes shopping so much easier for them because I know where to get what. :D Haha, sorry I have to be ego.

I took weeks to prep myself, you people took one day! Happy or not! (:

Blinged up my nails with bestie awhile ago. (;

I was bored on the car.

My friends kept telling me they don't want to go for prom. Why?! "It's a night to remember~" (excuse my hsm diesease) It's so fun to doll yourself up! No?

& I do not understand why some parents don't allow their kids to doll themselves up. Something's wrong with them la, seriously. Since your daughter is going for prom, isn't it the right way to doll themselves up? I don't know abt you all, but then my friend's mother doesn't allow her to buy a prom dress. (wth?) It's not good to see your poor daughter being laughed at during prom, because she didn't dress appropiately. I don't think you, as a mother, will be happy either.


What's the point of making a special dinner and creating a new name for such a special night if it is just a ordinary day? Why is prom called prom and not dinner? ;/ There must be a reason. And thus your daughter shouldn't just wear a normal dress. Faints. How old fashioned can they be?

I'm lucky my mom is hip & in. :D

One litre of tears is really sad. I know I'm slow, but heck. At least I'm watching it.

I'd be back to edit this.

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