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“ Music monster fest. ”
Tuesday, November 25 |6:26 PM

Tsk, youtube takes so long to upload!
Anyway that's us playing with helium balloon before mmf. :D

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This lil' monster.

That thing, which I made out of purely entertainment, won me a pair of mmf meet and greet tics. ;D The funny thing is that I am not even a Singtel user. I didn't even download a music monster, okay I tried, but failed because I am using Starhub. And this is only exclusive to Singtel & Sony Ericsson users, lol. I think it's really ridiculous that I won the tics. I can't even remember I created a music monster, lol! That's why I thought it was a prank. lol.

Very funny, but yes, I won it. (;

(P/s: Gwah, it passed my sleepy hour. I don't feel like sleeping now, at all.)

Top of the 8.

Helium ballooons!

Haha can see my hair.. got colour lor!


I'm kinda like back to cheeena songs now, for this moment. lol! I'm neutral actually, really. I know I look damn cheena la, but I'm neutral lor. The concert yesterday made me want to listen to old energy songs, haha, actually I do like their ballads. ;D

These two days have been hectic. So tiring, worst than running 2.4, but at least I enjoyed being tired this way. ;D

Today wasn't really hot, only in the morning when we're at the first level. There's this security guard who's very very very lenient, first he waited for viv & angela before shifting us up, then he allowed me in, and then allowed yuning & carolyn to 'cut' queue. Gosh, he's super nice. Too bad i don't know his name, or else i'd wanna write a compliment letter to promote him, haha.

The weather was really quite okay. The songs played made me wanna sleep, and the weather too. Hahaha. & I think I saw Natelie (however you spell her name) tsk, actually I thought she was fine, then after I heard what Angela said, I felt so... wth? Haha!

I don't know it's my contacts or is it I felt sleepy, but then I was quite calm today & yesterday.. Can't really be bothered to shout and all. Maybe cause my throat was pain? Idk, cause i think i shout, wangzi also won't bother to look and all.. He can't find the voice ma. Haha! Somemore carolyn they all aren't exactly wangzi fans, no one to shout with me, haha! All I want to do is to go up stage and talk to them, lol! He kept staring at the bracelet! Ohmg, I think there's really a meaning to that bracelet lor, or else he wouldn't stare until like that. Ha.

Didn't had the chance to talk to the last three, hahaha. Cause the guard kept pulling my bag and told me to move faster. -.-

I'm watching 《MIT》 now but then I don't understand a single thing. lol, what stupid cd or sth. I still haven't finished my 《One litre of tears》! I lazy to read subs! Hahaha. I think I'm too lazy to send my maid off tomorrow already. ;p I shall stay at home and sleep.

22 November 2008

I received a call a day before, informing me that I won tics to a meet and greet session with bbt. Gosh, I WAS SO SHOCKED & ELATED AND HIGH AND HAPPY, idk what la. I was playing mahjhong with my khakis (viv, chen, sharlene, amanda, qing). I just went to the balcony and high myself lor, hahahah!

Couldn't continue my mahjong anymore, haha.

My mom and viv scared me okay! They made me think that it's a prank... In the end it isn't, it's real! (: HAHA.

Ended up in second row, should have brought my board. I thought I'd be at the back lor! In the end in second row, with some ah pek infront of me. -.- He waste the space lor, he actually found it too noisy, he plugged in his earphones. Concert started late, expected it. Stood for 3 hours. My hand aches for holding the camera and all. Hahaha.

Damn it la, I don't know where to get the pic I took with them. Tsk! The damn number isn't working anymore! How?

Oh man, I'm really tired but I don't feel like sleeping. My maid's going back tomorrow, then qing (see, i post so late until they all left alr.) will leave and I'll leave..

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